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Durak Tekstil accelerating growth

Published: May 15, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Leading Turkish developer of industrial sewing and embroidery thread, Durak Tekstil, intends to construct a new plant in Bursa and establish a regional hub in North America. The company has expanded its consumer base globally and produced innovative goods by prioritizing research and development. In 1971, Durak began as a supplier of fishing net twine, but since then, it has grown to manufacture rayon and polyester embroidery threads and has entered some niche sectors.

The company’s third-generation board member, Yigit Durak, emphasizes that their success can be attributed in large part to their emphasis on research and development. With a 350-strong portfolio that is always changing, the company is notable for its in-depth understanding of technological potential, which enables it to provide new products with cutting-edge features to the market. Among their well-received offerings is Duma.

A bank of bobbins can be changed simultaneously thanks to Durak’s precision winding procedure with Duma, which saves a lot of money. Three times as much product may be put on each bobbin due to the lack of a center and yarn compaction, which also shortens the time required for changes. This efficiency is comparable to what ten sophisticated machines could produce on twelve. Another product that Duma offers is the Duraless hollow core thread.

Functional innovations include the bright Milky Way thread, Redolent scented thread, Fire-Safe range of meta- and para-aramids, SilverPro conductive thread for smart textiles, and the Cut Safe range, which is composed of glass fiber, elastane, and UHMWPE. Yigit Durak attributes the company’s success to research and development; he anticipates a 30% rise in 2023 and already exports to more than 100 nations. A 300-person team in Bursa regularly brainstorms fresh ideas and concepts, which result in certified and trademarked success stories.

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