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~ Croma Unboxed 2022, the year gone by – 55’’ TV sales up by 135%, demand for Refrigerators doubled up and more ~

~Croma’s Unboxed 2022 provides a ringside view of evolving consumer tastes and preferences of the year gone by~

~Mumbai saw a 3x increase in buying screen guards compared to Delhi and Bangalore~

~Gaming laptop sales increased by 115% in smaller towns~

~Energy-efficient air conditioner sales increased by 129%~

India: Croma, India’s leading and trusted nationwide omni-channel electronics retailer, announced Unboxed 2022 – a collection of unique insights on croma.com from the year gone by, that showcases the fast-changing lifestyle shifts and highlights rapidly evolving tastes and preferences across the consumer spectrum.

The annual findings by Croma are based on the purchase patterns throughout the year and close observations of post purchase usage trends with overwhelming co-operation from customers who shared their behavioural patterns. The Unboxed 2022 not only gives highlights of last year, but also sets the tone as we delve into a New Year full of possibilities. 

Croma’s Unboxed 2022 report reveals that in the year 2022:

Year 2022 brought more than half of all Indian families closer as they preferred watching movies together in their living rooms on TV. The claim is sealed with a whopping 135% increase in sales of 55″ TV.

People also seemed to upgrade their appliances to a smarter choice, as sales of washer-dryers increased by 53%. It also made them realize that we Indians tend to forget money in our pockets more often than anything else.

In the wearable electronics segment, wireless headphones sales increased eightfold, while 60% of the customers were quick to reveal that they used headphones or earbuds to block out noise around them

Indians got smarter in 2022 as smartwatch sales alone increased by 4 times in 2022, with almost 1/3rd bought it just to look cool. 23% of consumers also confirmed they relied on their smart speakers to wake them up on time.

Black returned as the favourite colour for smartphones defeating blue from 2021, while 60% of the customers kept up with the habit of dropping phones on floor. With an interesting shift consumers preferred nature photography over selfies with their camera phones.

Two-thirds of the customers from Croma’s survey, turned out to be braving the cold as they claimed to keep the fans on even during freezing winter days.

AC owners, on the other hand, settled the forever debate of the most preferred AC temperature to be 24 degrees. Looking at the various trends that different cities across the country set, here are the highlights for the year gone by –

·         Hyderabadis, preferred the traditional cooling mode and bought more ceiling fans than others.

·         New Delhi acquired the most chargers among any other cities, whereas Mumbaikars were more wary about their devices as they purchased screen guards three times more than Delhiites or Bangalore-ans.

·         Delhi led the party segment with the highest share at 11% for DJ equipment sold.

·         Lucknow took baking more seriously with demand for microwaves going up by 170%.

·         In the gaming laptop category, gamers from smaller towns outdid the ones from metros with a 115% increase in purchases.

Additionally, a host of interesting insights that are revealed in Croma’s Unboxed 2022:

–          63% of customers said they preferred to cover their laptops’ webcams.

–          40% of users have multiple phone chargers, in case one is lost.

–          75% of customers used screen protectors and coverings to protect their devices.

–          Energy-efficient air conditioner sales increased by 129%.

–          Demand for less than 300L refrigerators more than doubled by 2022.

–          Action & Sports camera sales doubled