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Casio & Toyota unveil the Ultimate Tough Gear Collaboration G-SHOCK MUDMAN GW-9500TLC Edition

Published: April 16, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

G-SHOCK, the trailblazing watch brand renowned for its exceptional durability and visionary craftsmanship, is excited to announce its latest collaboration with Toyota Land Cruiser, a fusion of rugged durability and automotive excellence.

The GW-9500 stands proudly as the third evolution within the esteemed MUDMAN Series, following in the distinguished footsteps of its predecessors, the GW-9000 and GW-9300. Nestled within the prestigious Master of G series, renowned for its unparalleled resilience, the MUDMAN epitomizes durability in the face of adversity.

The timepiece embodies the spirit of MUDMAN, renowned for delivering peak performance in the harshest conditions, and reflects the enduring challenge embraced by TLC, a seasoned participant in the Dakar Rally, widely regarded as the toughest race in the world.

Moreover, this exclusive edition, adorned with the TLC team colors — blue, white, and red — enhances the design, with the team logo proudly displays on the band and case back, celebrating the dynamic collaboration between Toyota Auto Body and G-SHOCK.

This special-edition timepiece is testament to G-SHOCK and Toyota’s shared commitment to unparalleled quality and thrilling exploration, exemplifying excellence and adventure. Its streamlined and compact profile hosts a sophisticated duplex LCD, providing essential data at a glance for navigating the toughest challenges.

About G-SHOCK:

G-SHOCK, the pioneering timepiece that revolutionized the very concept of toughness.

In 1981, a daring challenge to prevailing norms ignited the genesis of G-SHOCK. Driven by Mr. Kikuo Ibe’s unwavering conviction that a watch could be crafted to withstand any shocks, Project Team Tough was formed to translate this vision into reality.

Since its inception, G-SHOCK has embarked on a relentless journey of evolution, ceaselessly pursuing greater resilience and bold stylish appeal across structure, materials, and functionalities.

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