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It’s that time of the year when the Spring-to-Summer transition leads to flowers blooming amid lush greenery all around us. Said to be the season of renewal for nature after a period of lull with winters, this transformation percolates down to all aspects of life, including the interiors of our homes. Home décor often entails replicating the cheery brightness and flourish of the season through colours, patterns and fabrics that bring a sense of calm and cool as the temperatures shoot up each day. If you’ve been looking up for ways to do that within your cocoon, or have been planning to gift your loved ones something that’s unique and summery, then we suggest you look up Pepperfry’s new Spring/Summer collection to perk up your surroundings.


Vermilion Hot Pink And White Floral Cushion

Have you been rendered speechless by pictures of cherry blossoms in full bloom, colouring up grey cityscapes in pink abundance in pink?  Pepperfry’s Cushion Set in Vermilion Hot Pink and White Floral pattern does just that. So if you’re looking to splash up your space and get-togethers with summery colours, opt for this cool colour-burst in pink cushion covers for your seating space.


Blue Ceramic Cutting Pineapple Shape Planter

If it’s spring time, could your home decor be bereft of nature? Since adding elements of flowers and plants in the house is on everyone’s to-do list, the demand for vases and planters also go up.  Pepperfry’s Blue Ceramic Cutting Pineapple Shape Planter is worth a pick as it has spring-summer written all over it. Taking inspiration from the pineapple for its shape, the planter in textured Moroccan blue is perfect for those looking for a form and style that’s both contemporary and vintage to elevate your home decor.

Yellow Jute & Cotton Foldable Laundry Basket

Nothing makes a better summer statement than jute and cotton when it comes to fabrics. You can literally provide the ‘feel’ of spring and summer by using them in your house. They are both natural, lightweight, heat-resistant, breathable and strong. Pepperfry’s Yellow Jute & Cotton Foldable Laundry Basket is worth exploring as it combines both the fabrics that will not only add to breezy décor, but is also functional. Available in dual-tone shade of natural jute brown with ochre yellow, it is foldable and can accommodate 40-litre of laundry weight.

While these are our top three picks to channelize spring-summer vibes, there are other trendy pieces, too, which you can explore as furniture and décor elements to give a refreshing twist to your homes this season. For that, you’ll have to explore at Pepperfry.com.