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Baqar’s Premier League 2023 : Neil Nitin Mukesh Expresses his Gratitude While Baqar Celebrates with a Blast

Published: July 19, 2023

Baqar’s Premier League 2023, the third edition of the Baqar Premier League turned out to be a huge success on the 16th of July, 2023 with Neil Nitin Mukesh as their brand ambassador. With over 90 participants, the event witnessed active participation from across the globe. The first edition of the league took place in 2021 at the same time as the Tokyo Olympics having Olympics as the theme, while the second edition took place in the year 2022. The third edition was won by Team India, owned by Finland International School.

Neil Nitin Mukesh with Baqar Nasser

Among the Top Six Trainers of the Mission Fitness Campaign led by Bollywood Actor, Suniel Shetty, Baqar Nasser, is responsible for the successful transformation of over 14,000+ clients and counting, spanning the geographical locations of India, Middle East, Asia, America and Europe including popular celebrities such as Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra, Miind Soman, Suniel Shetty and Neil Nitin Mukesh.

With the approach to consciously promote the inclusion of every individual, especially those who are physically challenged and differently abled, and struggle with asthma, diabetes, cancer, hormone imbalances, age-related degeneration as well as PCOD, Baqar was also titled as the “Fitness Doctor” by Economic Times 2018 and the Director of Topspin India Healthcare.

Baqar runs training programmes such as Bike with Baqar which encourages and motivates people to bike in the comfort of their homes where Baqar offers live classes on Zoom with services including Cycling Workout, Hill Training, Endurance Training, High Intensity Cardio as well as Heart Rate Training where people can burn upto 900KCals. Solo Sweat Challenge With Baqar is another such strength training programme by Baqar where he encourages people to get in shape with a mix of exercises ranging from strength, flexibility, core strength and agility, from the comfort of their homes offering services that include training for Functional Body Movements, Core Strengthening Stretching & Mobility, Weight and Heart Rate allowing people to burn upto 700kCals.

Neil Nitin Mukesh, the Brand Ambassador of the Baqar’s Premier League 2023, stated, “It is an honour for me to be the brand ambassador of Baqar’s Premier League. I have known Baqar for a very long time and I still remember when I had exactly one month to lose all the weight and it was Baqar who helped me out. While I was in depression, Baqar helped me regain my shape as well as my self confidence. When it comes to fitness, there is no one else that I think of besides Baqar.”

Baqar Nasser, the host of the Baqar’s Premier League 2023, stated, “My heart was so full to witness the event turn out to be such a huge success. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing all your hard work being paid off. BPL has always believed in encouraging its members to adopt healthier lifestyles and participate in regular physical activity. By creating a competitive environment, individuals are motivated to push their boundaries and achieve their fitness goals at BPL. It brings together all our members who share a passion for health and wellness and allows people to learn from one another, improving their fitness routines and habits.”

About Baqar Nasser

Credited by the Economic Times with an official title and certification of a Fitness Doctor, Nasser is also the pioneer of indoor cycling (spin cycling) in India. Baqar Nasser, a celebrity fitness trainer and health coach is also the first in the health and fitness sector of the country to achieve the UAEs Golden Visa. His speciality lies in scientifically assessing each body type and customising a tailor-made workout and diet regimen to achieve any health and fitness goal. Known for his knack of understanding every body type, including personality and hormone profile, and working with the most challenging cases, Nasser’s clients testify to his training techniques that incorporate a whole lot of heart and soul, love and care, dedication and patience. These testimonials are proof of his work which have stood the test of time. Baqar is also the winner of 11 National Cycling Medals in India, and the All India University Cycling Champion for 3 consecutive years (1999-2002). Website:

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