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Ayouthveda Embarks on a 100 Crore Mission to Revolutionize Ayurvedic Beauty

Published: September 6, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain
  • Ayouthveda: Transforming Ayurvedic Beauty with 3 Exclusive Outlets – 2 in Delhi and 1 in Rajasthan, with plans for 100 more in 3 years
  • Ayouthveda products are available through 30,000+ retailers in 250+ cities across India
  • Ayouthveda’s Ayurvedic Mastery: A 100 Crore Milestone Ahead

Ayouthveda, a prominent name in the Ayurvedic skincare and beauty industry, is embarking on a transformative journey with a bold objective: achieving a 100 crore turnover in the coming years. Committed to delivering effective skincare solutions rooted in Ayurveda, Ayouthveda is on track to become a dominant player in the personal care sector.

Ayouthveda recognizes the burgeoning growth in the Indian Ayurvedic skincare and beauty market. According to the Global Ayurvedic Market Report 2020-2026, this segment is poised to grow at an impressive 16.14% CAGR. The global acknowledgment of Ayurvedic beauty brands and the surging demand for natural skincare solutions have contributed to the market’s growth, which was valued at approximately $998 million in 2020.

Ayouthveda stands at the forefront of this industry, combining traditional Ayurvedic wisdom with modern scientific innovation. The brand prides itself on products free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, silicones, sulfates, and petroleum. This approach aligns with the brand’s mission to offer safe and effective skincare solutions that cater to various skin types and concerns, harnessing the synergy of ancient Ayurvedic techniques and advanced pharmaceutical innovations.

Spanning five distinct categories—Skin Care, Bath and Beauty Care, Intimate & Hygiene Care, Hair Care, and Classics—Ayouthveda boasts a portfolio of over 100 world-class products and plans to introduce an additional 150+ products in the next 2-3 years. This commitment to innovation underscores Ayouthveda’s dedication to meeting evolving customer needs.

“We position ourselves as a Mid-Premium brand, providing the perfect blend of quality and affordability. Our goal is to redefine Ayurvedic skincare and wellness, making it accessible to a wider audience without compromising on the efficacy of our products,” said Dr. Sanchit Sharma, Founder and Director, Ayouthveda.

Ayouthveda’s presence extends beyond traditional outlets, with 3 Exclusive Brand Outlets in Delhi and Rajasthan and plans to open 100 more EBOs in the next 3 years. The brand’s products are available through a network of over 30,000 retailers in more than 250 cities across India. Additionally, Ayouthveda products are listed on leading Modern Trade Outlets and popular online platforms.

Expanding its footprint beyond Indian borders, Ayouthveda has already established its presence in 27 European countries. With products available through both offline and online international channels, the brand is making its mark in markets such as Hungary, the UK, Uzbekistan, Moldova, and more. This international expansion is expected to contribute significantly to Ayouthveda’s revenues in the near future.

As Ayouthveda aims for a 100 crore turnover and emerges as a key player in the Ayurvedic skincare and beauty market, it is poised to transform the way consumers perceive and experience holistic skincare. With a robust product lineup, an innovative approach, and a commitment to quality, Ayouthveda is well on its way to becoming a frontrunner in the Indian and global personal care sphere.

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