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Adidas and Fear of God Collaboration Launches, Poised to Make Commercial Impact

Published: December 27, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

The highly anticipated collaboration between German sportswear giant Adidas and designer Jerry Lorenzo’s label has officially debuted on December 3 through the Fear of God website and the Adidas Confirmed app, an exclusive platform for specific product releases. This collection, initially showcased in Lorenzo’s April runway show, features performance garments, technical apparel, sneakers, and duffel bags, all reflecting the house’s signature neutral tones.

Fear of God Athletics fills a strategic niche in pricing, with sneakers averaging around $200, outerwear at $600, and duffel bags priced at $1,250. Positioned between Fear of God Essentials, the moderately-priced casual line, and the main Fear of God collection, this sub-label offers a versatile range for consumers.

The timing of Fear of God Athletics’ launch aligns fortuitously for Adidas, providing a potential counterbalance to the impact of the Yeezy partnership’s collapse, which accounted for 7 percent of the company’s revenue. While Adidas CEO Bjorn Gulden clarified that they aren’t seeking a direct replacement for Yeezy with a single brand, he sees the Fear of God collaboration as a potential “game-changer” for Adidas commercially by 2024, as mentioned in a May earnings call.

Following the online launch, the collection activated with pop-ups in key locations, including Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, and Shanghai. The next phase involves the collection hitting Adidas stores on December 6, extending the availability and reach of this collaboration to a wider audience.

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