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Niti Singhal is an Indian fashion designer who has created a revolution in the fashion industry her brand twee in one is a sustainable Brand that has convertible and reversible clothing with this interesting concept Niti has presented at New York Fashion Week in  September  2019.  Today  we  have Niti talking to us about the concepts that make her brand so unique.

Tell us about your education:

I have done my graduation in fashion design from SNDT Mumbai after which I went to London school of fashion for some summer school and moved to Italy in Institutomarangoni

What inspired you to make reversible clothing?

When working in Italy as an embroidery designer I had a small room for myself. I was a complete traveler who loved to go around the country to different small cities over the weekend. Now Traveling was always a hassle, a small room with 1 cupboard was a hassle. This is when I realized that this is not just my problem. I am sure there are so many other women across the globe who have the same problem, which is what led me to make reversible clothes. I can go to the office in the morning and flip to something nice in the evening.

What fabric and techniques do you use?

Fabric and techniques! Oh, I love experimenting with them. I don’t get very picky on the fabric, depending on the trends and the forecast. I just love it. exploring whether it is cotton, silks, organza, or even knit, why not even though they are translucent or transparent we can still do so much with such beautiful fabrics? And the techniques when we talk about I love to explore with some embroideries and prints across my garments

How do your printing techniques reduce wastage?

Oh, we love prints, and the color jet group did the printing for us. The printing technique that we used for sublimation again was done in a sustainable manner because we used 40% less water than what is usually required for the printer. The turnaround time was fast and the colors and the sharpness were outstanding.

According to you, what is an overall sustainable brand?

Sustainability could be anything, it could be the use of organic fabric or zero wastage even upcycling could be sustainability like less is more what twee believes in. What is your definition of sustainability is all about what you think.

What are your learnings as a sustainable brand?

For twee in one sustainability means less is more. It’s very easy to go shipping every week and it’s easier to dispose of those clothes without even wearing them or just for one-time use. And I am sure that does not help so why not in delaying the disposal of our clothes. Why not find a way to use your clothes a little more than once. Let’s all contribute towards making this planet a better place.

What inspires your collection?

Inspirations for me can be coming from anywhere. It could be from the different stories that hear while I am traveling or from different experiences that people share. I strongly believe that every individual can come up with any inspiration in life, it could be any random situation whether they are on a holiday or in the office. What I believe is to grab all the stories and experiences and then make a collection that makes it more personalized and that is something people can completely relate to.

You amazed people at New York Fashion Week. How was your experience there?

NYFW was definitely a milestone for twee. We did amaze people they were aww struck when they saw the transformation

What are their take on artisans and their life during and post-pandemic?

We all talk about craft revivals and we all talk about supporting artisans but sometimes we often fail to understand how to. But there are some other brands that support artisans truly and this is what we also believe in. We are coming up with our next collection which is truly done by all the artisans from different states of our country. So guys twee is also giving you another reason to support these artisans. Let’s all come together and help all our crafts and arts survive. I am sure our country deserves it.

How Did you come up with such a cute brand name?

So twee in one is a very literal name for the concept. Twee means two in dutch which means 2 in one. All our clothes are reversible and convertible and we make sure you get more than 1 look in each garment.

When is your next collection coming up?

There are a couple of collections in the pipeline. There are 2 collections for women’s wear and a kid’s wear collection. We promise we won’t disappoint you. They are made with different concepts as we have worked with different artisans.