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-By Ankita Dutta

The chief minister of Himachal Pradesh state in India, Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, has announced plans to rebrand the State Handicrafts and Handloom Corporation Ltd. The ultimate goal of rebranding to ‘Him-Craft’ is to enhance the financial stability of artisans by enlarging their clientele and increasing revenue, thus promoting economic growth.

An official statement has explained that the new brand will consolidate all handloom and handicrafts products under a single umbrella. All official documents, from business cards to email signatures and the official website, will now feature the name Him-Craft instead of the HP State Handicrafts & Handloom Corporation. The government of Himachal Pradesh aims to establish the credibility of the state’s handicrafts and handloom products, foster customer contentment, and instil confidence through the development of a marketing plan geared towards promoting these products in the global and domestic markets.

This will include a website and social media presence for the new brand, as well as advertising campaigns to boost sales. The chief minister stated that the strategy aims to ensure the new brand is successful and that artisans benefit from increased income and more customers.

The state of Himachal Pradesh has a rich tradition of handicrafts and handloom products, including shawls, carpets, jewellery, pottery, wooden artefacts and more. By creating a new brand for these products, the government hopes to provide a boost to the local economy and create sustainable livelihoods for artisans.

The initiative is part of wider efforts to boost tourism in Himachal Pradesh, as well as promote the state’s culture and heritage. Visitors will be able to purchase authentic handcrafted products through the new brand, creating a unique souvenir and supporting local artisans.

The renaming of the State Handicrafts and Handloom Corporation Ltd to ‘Him-Craft’ is a proactive measure taken towards progress and development in the state of Himachal Pradesh. By consolidating all handloom and handicrafts products under a single brand, the government is promoting authenticity, enhancing customer satisfaction and building trust in these traditional products. At the same time, the initiative aims to provide economic growth and greater financial stability for artisans, creating sustainable livelihoods in the process.