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YKK Launches First Ever 3D Configurator for Custom Trim Sales 

Published: May 18, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

YKK utilizes VNTANA’s 3D Infrastructure Platform to build the first of its kind 3D configurator to improve the trim design process with buyers. 

Los Angeles, CA; May 17, 2023 – YKK, the premier global fastening manufacturer, and VNTANA, the industry leader in 3D Infrastructure Technology, announced today the launch of the first ever 3D trim configurator to make it easier for brands to visualize trim options, design trims, and generate item codes instantly. The new platform, YKK Trim Creator, brings a new level of stress-free standardization and efficiency for brands incorporating custom zippers and fasteners in their designs. 

As more brands look to provide virtual product samples and renderings as part of the end-to-end product development strategy, many are turning to 3D/AR solutions. The YKK Trim Creator with VNTANA’s patented optimization algorithms enables YKK’s customers to view thousands of customized options instantaneously. It makes it easy for designers to specify the correct fastener components, see the design in real-time 3D, and even share the 3D model easily through a URL. These capabilities enhance the efficiency of the zipper design and adoption process and minimize the need for physical zipper samples, decreasing costs and carbon footprint by cutting back on waste and shipping while improving the sales process for buyers.  

“So many designers and brands lose valuable time using legacy, analog tactics such as catalogs and item samples for product selection,” said Ashley Crowder, co-founder and CEO of VNTANA. “The YKK Trim Creator is an example of how VNTANA’s software can provide the back-end infrastructure needed to improve the digital design process to make it functional and effective for brands.” 

In 2022, YKK surveyed its customers on how it could most improve customer service. The results showed that many wanted the ability to customize a finished zipper (size, material, function, and color selection) digitally and to identify the correct item descriptions and item codes for their customized zippers. The YKK Trim Creator was designed to address those customer needs.   

“As we constantly evolve to provide the best service for customers, we are laser focused on speed, quality, and sustainability,” said Takayuki Kato, Vice President, Global Marketing Group, YKK Corporation. “Digitalization through a tool like the YKK Trim Creator helps us achieve all three. It immediately displays the design in 3D, which improves visualization, reduces the need for customers to request physical samples, speeds up the design process, and decreases waste and the need for shipping samples around the world.” 

VNTANA’s 3D infrastructure software provides the back-end “plumbing” that enables brands to scale 3D quickly and across digital platforms such as eCommerce sites, B2B virtual showrooms, social media and the metaverse. This allows for seamless collaboration from design to sales, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy across every phase of the process. With this integration, YKK customers will see a significant time savings in the design process.  

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