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World Earth Day Quote | Ms. Akshi Khandelwal, Founder & CEO, Butterfly Ayurveda

Published: April 20, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Butterfly Ayurveda is an organization engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of Ayurvedic products. Their vision is to empower people with the wisdom & knowledge of Ayurveda to help them lead healthier lives. They offer a niche range of products such as Ayurvedic teas, herbal infusions, Ayurvedic medicines, and herbal supplements, as well as an Ayurveda-inspired bakery. Their entire product range is focused on helping people with lifestyle-related ailments. In 2022, Butterfly Ayurveda Pvt Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Health Care Energy Foods Pvt Inc. engaged in manufacturing and supply of Energy Foods to the Government. 

Would like to request you to publish the World Earth Day quote shared below for your reference. Also, please find attached the image of Ms. Akshi Khandelwal, Founder & CEO, Butterfly Ayurveda below for your reference.

“As we celebrate World Earth Day, let us note that our planet is not just a place we live in, but a living organism that sustains us. It is imperative to understand the vital importance of living in harmony with nature and the impact it has on our health & wellbeing.
Respecting and staying attuned with the natural cycles of Earth, honoring our flora and fauna, we improve our overall health and reduce our impact on the environment while preserving Mother Earth.

Sustainable practices that honor earth’s resources and ways, providing natural and effective solutions to customers such as developing Ayurvedic, natural and organic products using natural methods, eco-friendly packaging options, use of biodegradable tea bags or paper, use of natural resources in a methodical manner to conserve the environment will help grow Earth’s vitality, keep the environment clean and healthy and ensure earth’s long term restoration cycle.

This World Earth day, let us all take a moment to reflect on the impact of our actions on the planet and commit to making small yet positive changes that would help protect the environment and boost its growth. Choosing to walk instead of driving short distances, reducing single-use plastics, planting trees, consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables, adopting conscious ways to recycle waste are a few effective changes that can help protect our planet and create a sustainable and healthy future for all people of the earth and for the generations to come”
Written By: Ms. Akshi Khandelwal, Founder & CEO, Butterfly Ayurveda

About Ms. Akshi Khandelwal: Akshi started Butterfly Ayurveda in 2014, with the view to integrate health into people’s daily lives. Always having found roots of health in raw, organic and natural sources of foods, medicine and ways of life, Ayurveda, as a science, had always intrigued her since years before. Her experience in dance and other somatic practices has only helped her delve deeper into the subject. Ayurveda has given her a deeper understanding of the body, mind and spirit. It has helped her in her own journey of healing and transformation. In 2013, she started a research unit dedicated to Ayurvedic products that can be consumed as a part of modern daily lifestyle, and helped heal lifestyle-related ailments. In 2014, Butterfly Ayurveda was established and decided to market its formulations. In 2018, she launched BA Bakery, an Ayurveda-inspired baking (unit).

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