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The fashion label Balenciaga has recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons. They staged a picture shoot where we saw young models holding teddy bears decorated with fetish motifs. The marketing that was started to sell the “Objects” line has drawn criticism. As a result, Kim Kardashian, a Balenciaga brand ambassador, released a statement. Balenciaga has since taken down the pictures and is investigating the photo session. Numerous influencers and celebrities are lovers of the company and its high-end products. Its campaigns are receiving criticism for a few of them. 

The Backlash

One of the two advertising campaigns featured young women holding bear bags that at first glance looked to be soft toys but actually have fetishistic uses. On November 16, Balenciaga published the images, which quickly went viral. The photographs were criticised in the US because people thought they “over-intimated” the younger generation. June A YouTuber named Nicole Lapine gained a lot of attention after she mockingly criticised the company in a tweet. Balenciaga deleted all the pictures as a result.