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Why is the demand for work shoes growing at a rapid pace? What are the marketing strengths used by the manufacturers to increase sells?

Published: March 23, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

As per newly released data by Future Market Insights (FMI), the Work Shoes market is estimated at USD 417.6 million in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 680.3 million by 2032, at a CAGR of 5.00% from 2022 to 2032.

Key Points Covered in Work Shoes Market Survey

·         Market estimates and forecast 2016 to 2032

·         Key drivers and restraints impacting market growth

·         Segment-wise, Country-wise, and Region-wise Analysis

·         Competition Mapping and Benchmarking

·         Brand share and Market Share Analysis

·         Key Product Innovations and Regulatory Climate

·         COVID-19 Impact on Work Shoes Market and How to Navigate

·         Recommendation on Key Winning Strategies

2017 to 2021 Work Shoes Market Outlook Compared to 2022 to 2032 Forecast

Work shoes are worn by an individual when he is at work, and these shoes provide support and safety to the workers’ feet from any kind of hazard. Work shoes are also known as ‘safety shoes’ or ‘safety boots’. These safety shoes are made using tough materials and might have a metal protective layer. These metal layers or plates protect the toes and foot from falling debris or any other type of hazard that might lead to severe injury. These shoes have better grip and cushioning to give overall protection to the wearer from industrial hazards.

Work shoes are commonly used in manufacturing industries and construction sites. These shoes are provided by suppliers, which are approached by contractors, and along with collaborations with government bodies, they get the bulk orders of these shoes and distribute them to workers and employees. Many manufacturing plants have mandated the safety outfit before entering the plant, and safety shoes are one of the main parts of the safety gear.

COVID-19 had an impact on all the sectors all around the world, and the hardest hit sectors were manufacturing plants and construction. The demand for work shoes was completely shut, as the social distancing, transportation regulations, and lockdown initiated. The distribution channel was also disrupted, impacting the market.

Why is the demand for work shoes growing at a rapid pace?

As the regulations from the COVID pandemic are loosening, the manufacturing and construction sites are starting to operate once again. Urban countries and developing countries have a high number of industries and manufacturing plants. Also, the pending and postponed construction contracts are now resuming. All these workplaces require regulated safety wear and safety shoes are a mandatory part of that. As the employees are resuming their work, demand for work shoes is increasing.

Manufacturers are developing specially designed work shoes, that have features like anti-slip and protective plates to protect toes and heels. Construction sites have the danger of falling debris and heavy equipment, and accidents while working in manufacturing plants are also common. These features are required for different types of industries, and for different work forms. Work shoes are made from different types of tough materials, that protect users from chemical spills.

Governments of different countries have strict regulations regarding the safety of workers and employees. The construction site workers are mandated to wear safety outfits and then enter the premises. The manufacturing plants are regulated to give instructions and proper safety gear to the employees and then allow them in the plant. All these regulations are also responsible for the increase in sales of work shoes.

What are the marketing strengths used by the manufacturers to increase sells?

Manufacturers are developing unique designs of the work shoes. They give multiple features in the shoe, that make it a perfect pair for efficient and safe working. The work shoes are specially designed and made from materials that will provide safety from different hazards. Some shoes are designed to provide an anti-slip grip on slippery surfaces. Some work shoes are made using anti-bacterial properties, which are suitable for workers at healthcare facilities. washable and breathable shoes are equally popular in the hospitality and healthcare sectors.

The manufacturing companies are also using marketing strategies such as collaborations with other brands and launching special-themed and designed shoes. These shoes attract customers, as they are being offered a special and one-of-a-kind deal.

Recently, famous superhero comics company Marvel partnered with Skechers to launch a superhero-themed work shoes series. These shoes will have memory foam, giving maximum comfort, slip-resistant grip, waterproof outer material, and steel toe tips. This footwear is available in different designs, like sneakers, mid-top shoes, and boots, suitable for different workplaces.

Such strategies are helping manufacturers to increase sales of their products in different regions.

Country-wise Insights

What are the standards and trends for work shoes in the USA?

A significant range of innovative industries and safety rules maintain work shoes at the forefront.

America has several regulations for work shoe standards. The government has regulations and rules, that define the safety measures that require to be followed by employers and employees. These rules are enforced by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). These regulations are relevant to construction, industrial and services fields, and related industries.

America has a long list of oil and industrial industries, and all of these organizations are required to follow OSHA regulations. Personal Protective Equipment is provided by all businesses and is periodically renewed to ensure safety. These work shoes are also extensively utilized in other industries. Safety shoes are gaining extreme popularity in the agriculture and healthcare industries.

What is the work shoes market status in the United Kingdom?

Awareness of work safety and sustainable manufacturing is helping the market.

The safety standards for the PPE kits are mandatory. The safety footwear used at all workplaces is under ISO standards, which are the same all over European countries. There are many specific factors included in the documentation about the requirements of this safety footwear, which are different according to the industry.

The manufacturing plants along with the government bodies have well-established regulations and procedures to ensure safety gear is utilized at all workplaces. The awareness of safety and well-being is also helping the sales of work shoes in the country. Additionally, manufacturers are getting raw materials for products available at reasonable prices., further helping in sustainable manufacturing and sales.

How is India prospering in the work shoe market?

Increasing development and government initiatives for worker safety will increase the use of work shoes in the country.

India is a growing country, and its infrastructure is constantly evolving. Smart housing societies, flyovers, roads, shopping complexes, and malls are all being built in urban areas. These developments are expected to help the work shoes market.

The government is taking steps to increase workplace safety and raise awareness. Previously, worker deaths on construction sites and industrial facilities were widespread owing to inadequate safety management and worker ignorance of safe working methods. However, because individuals are aware of workplace safety rules, they are frequently seen wearing this protective gear. The government has required producers to get a BIS certificate, and the safety footwear must pass the safety tests before it can be marketed and sold.

Category-wise Insights

Which type of product will contribute a major share in the work shoes market?

Lace-up Shoes are the most common type in the work shoes market

Lace-up type of Work Shoes is popular among customers. Laces are used in shoes to make them look more attractive and classy. Work shoes are commonly designed with laces, as users can adjust the fitting and tightness of the shoes according to their needs. Laces also have multiple benefits over other types of shoes, and hence are commonly preferred by customers and manufacturers.

What sole is used for work shoes by manufacturers?

Polyurethane soles are commonly used by manufacturers for work shoes.

The PU material is commonly used in work shoes, as they provide comfort and are robust. The PU is highly resistant to wear and tear due to heavy use, and also has great resistant strength to bending. It also has great shock absorption ability, which makes the PU material ideal for work shoe soles.

Who are the most prominent customers according to consumer orientation?

Men are the most common customers for work shoes.

Men’s work shoes are widely available on the market. Work shoes for ladies are also available. However, males are the primary purchasers of work shoes. The major reason for this is that men are typically involved with labor work and other physically demanding jobs, such as construction.

Competitive Landscape

Work shoes are important for the safety of the user, so keeping this fact in mind, manufacturers are introducing innovative designs and features, that will not only ensure safety but also provide comfort and stylish looks.

For Instance:

·         Wolverine, a popular work shoe brand is offering multiple work shoes, with different shapes and styles, and materials used to make them. Not just the appearance, the brand gives the best features with the shoes. These shoes are designed that they are lightweight and comfortable, and most of these shoes are waterproof. The shoes are also capable of absorbing shocks and distributing them evenly, keeping muscles safe from stress.

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