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Published: October 27, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

While we know that our actors love to try new things but do you know
that they also have been acing the talent of knowing about their nation.

One of the most adored south actresses Pooja Hegde has not only mastered the art
of acting but knows a lot about the world & India. While on the other hand, it seems
our favourite Tum bin 2 actress Neha Sharma might need to do a quick run through
her GK. Recently both participated in a fun-quiz about India where Pooja aced all the
questions while Neha couldn’t take clues from host and got most of the answers
wrong in the game.

Did you know that the world’s most expensive house is in Mumbai or that Pongal is
mainly celebrated in Tamil Nadu? Well, Pooja had her game on point and was
named an Encyclopaedia of everything by the host. While Neha surely knows about
the highest peak in India, for other questions she rested her case and kept guessing
wrong answers.

Pooja had a fun time playing the quiz and answered without even a blink, while Neha
definitely needs to visit back some fun facts about India.
Catch Pooja Hegde and Neha Sharma test their knowledge in this fun-filled quiz

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