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Westside Marks 25 Years of Fashion, Empowerment, and Iconic Retail Legacy

Published: August 24, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Commemorating a quarter century of style and empowerment: Westside’s silver jubilee showcased fashion and community impact at NCPA’s Experimental Theatre

Westside, a cherished homegrown brand from the house of Tata, proudly commemorated 25 years of its transformative journey in redefining fashion, lifestyle, and home decor. With a steadfast commitment to style, the brand not only revolutionized the shopping experience but also celebrated the essence of India through its offerings. The grand celebration of Westside’s silver jubilee took center stage at NCPA’s Experimental Theatre, featuring a captivating fashion show, dynamic dance performances, and a delectable spread of food and beverages.

For a remarkable quarter-century, Westside consistently set the tone for fashion trends, catalyzed conversations, and pushed boundaries within the Indian fashion landscape. Westside was the first brand to introduce Indian body sizing, and its dedication to inclusivity and body positivity resonated deeply with customers. With 225 stores in 2023, starting from its first Camac Street store in Kolkata, Westside continued to redefine fashion.

From thoughtfully curated makeup and skincare lines to innovative interpretations of Indian wear, Westside unmistakably earned its title as India’s quintessential fashion brand. Seamlessly integrating convenience and style, the brand showcased its latest creations through meticulously arranged, clutter-free displays, reflecting its commitment to providing a superior shopping experience.

Among its diverse sub-brands such as Utsa, Bombay Paisley, Zuba, Vark, NUON, L.O.V, Wardrobe, Gia, WES, NOUN Men, E.T.A, Studiowest, Westside kid’s wear, Westside footwear, and home essentials, Westside catered to an expansive spectrum of tastes and preferences. This comprehensive portfolio reflected the brand’s dedication to meeting every facet of its customers’ needs.

Mrs. Shailina Parti, COO at Trent Ltd, reflected on its expansion, saying, “The growth trajectory of Westside over the years has been a testament to its continuous evolution and adaptability. As we celebrated 25 years of this iconic brand, we reflected on its journey and looked forward to the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.”

Mr. Umashan Naidoo, the Head of Customer & Beauty at Westside, “At Westside, our passion extends beyond fashion; it’s about fostering a vibrant community and nurturing safe havens for meaningful engagements. We are proud in being an Indian lifestyle brand that bridges the gap between style and accessibility in modern India. As we embrace the spirit of growth and evolution, we pay homage to our visionary leaders, Ms. Simone Tata and Mr. Noel Tata, who have charted our course with quintessential Tata values.

Our outlook is one of optimism, curiosity, and unbridled passion. We carry within us the unwavering confidence of those who celebrate their heritage while embracing the contemporary. Gone are the days when retail was a mere transaction—it’s now an immersive experience, a source of surprise and delight. We cherish the trust placed in us for matters of style, and our constant commitment to unveiling fresh products and weekly launches at the right price exemplifies our dedication to this trust.

In the world of retail, joy is found in the interplay of agility, relevance, and style. We welcome you to explore Westside, where every visit promises not just a shopping journey, but a delightful experience that resonates with the heartbeat of modern India.”

As Westside celebrated its 25th year, it was not merely marking an anniversary but celebrating a legacy of innovation, empowerment, and style that had left an indelible mark on India’s fashion landscape.

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