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Even though Jennifer Aniston no longer wears The Rachel, her hair continues to be a key source of inspiration.

The former Friends actor recently shared her two-step, quick-to-get-up-and-go hair routine on Instagram, and one of those stages is simply letting your hair air dry! For the video instruction, Aniston dressed in a comfy bathrobe and applied barely any makeup while running a small amount of LolaVie’s Lightweight Hair Oil through her naturally curly blonde hair. She added the description “Air dry and a little @lolavie ” to the Instagram Reel.

In response to Julia Roberts’ comment about the video, “Love this and you,” Jenna Dewan said, “You are the most naturally stunning queen.” In the comments area, Rita Wilson, Naomi Watts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robin Wright, and Isla Fisher also expressed their admiration for Aniston.

In 2021, Jennifer Aniston introduced her LolaVie haircare product, and she hasn’t stopped dishing out hair advice since then. In a September Instagram video, she told followers, “Sometimes what I love to do is blend the LolaVie hair oil with a little bit of the leave-in conditioner for a little bit of extra shine.” She then gently ran the combination of products through her dry, straight hair.

In addition, LolaVie introduced their new Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner in September. These products are both produced with “plant-based components” and are intended to improve moisture, strength, gloss, and other qualities of the hair. Naturally, Aniston took a few opportunity to show out the correct method on Instagram with a shower video. You might not think you require such a simple tutorial, but have you ever considered using your brush to comb through your conditioner in the shower? slick move

Since the 1990s, many of us have been modelling our hairstyles after Aniston, and we won’t be stopping any time soon. The actor recently gave an interview to Glamour in which she discussed ageing and offered suggestions. “Two things are bound to happen. Age is the first. Second, there will always be detractors, “She spoke. “For me, the question is more about how to take the best possible care of my bodily and emotional health. Thanks to all the developments in health, diet, technology, and science, we can continue to thrive as we age.

“Go for it if you want to get grey,” Aniston continued. It’s fantastic if you want to keep colouring your hair. I believe that everyone should be secure in their decisions, including embracing their natural skin tone or texture. I love that changing your hairdo, cut, or colour can alter your mood and energy. Hair is a creative method to express yourself. Accept whatever would bring you happiness.