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Virgio to Transform into Circular Fashion Brand, Paving the Way fora Fashion Industry Revolution

Published: October 11, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Virgio, a fashion-tech startup with backing from Accel, Prosus, and Alpha Wave, is preparing to
launch an updated version of its brand. This represents a significant development in Virgio’s journey,
promising an elevated customer experience, a strong commitment to sustainability, and innovation.
Guided by Amar Nagaraman, the former CEO of Myntra, Virgio has consistently embraced contemporary fashion trends while retaining its unique identity. This upcoming transformation
reflects Amar Nagaraman’s dedication to adapting to the ever-changing needs and desires of their
discerning customer base. Nagaraman envisions making circular fashion a way of life, one that
benefits the planet and reshapes the fashion industry in India. Virgio’s design team has been hard at
work, meticulously crafting new collections that blend sophistication and modernity, all produced
from natural fabrics to ensure longevity, community well-being, and recyclability.

In his statement about this evolution, Co-founder Amar Nagaraman expressed concerns about the
environmental impact of fast fashion. While fast fashion is known for its agility, trendiness, and
appeal to the younger generation in India, it often promotes overproduction and overconsumption.
Nagaraman pointed out that fast fashion companies frequently use harmful fabrics and exploit labor
to keep costs low, leading to a market saturated with products that eventually end up in landfills.
Recognizing this global crisis, Virgio has consciously chosen to shift its focus entirely to building a
circular fashion brand, setting a new, sustainable direction for the industry

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