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Virgio to Evolve into a Circular Fashion Brand, Ushers a New Era in the Fashion Industry

Published: November 1, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Virgio, a fashion-tech start up has announced a new version of Virgio which is set to be unveiled this week. The Accel, Prosus and Alpha wave backed fast fashion brand is evolving into something even more meaningful and powerful. This exciting development marks a new chapter in the brand’s journey, promising to be still fashion forward with enhanced customer experiences, and a renewed commitment to circularity and innovation. As one of the fastest-growing fashion start-ups, Virgio’s customer base grew over a lakh within the first year of its launch. This year marks a renewed commitment from Virgio to build fashion better.

With Amar Nagaram, the former CEO of Myntra at the helm, Virgio has consistently captured the essence of contemporary fashion trends while maintaining its distinctive identity. The upcoming revamp is a reflection of Amar Nagaram’s dedication to evolving with the ever-changing needs and desires of its discerning clientele. His vision to make circular fashion the way of life is pro-planet and will usher in a new era in the fashion industry in India. The brand’s design team has been hard at work, meticulously crafting new collections that embody both sophistication and modernity, all made in natural fabrics to ensure they last longer, are good for the community and can be recycled after their usage.

Commenting on the evolution, Co-founder Amar Nagaram stated, “While fast fashion is agile, trendy and caters to the growing needs of the young blood in India, it also promotes over production, over consumption. Fast fashion companies use harmful fabrics and exploit labour to cut corners on pricing and quality fuelling the market with what will be sent to landfills. It’s a global crisis and we all are witnessing it. That’s why we’ve made a conscious choice to move our entire efforts to build a circular fashion brand.”

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