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The AW22 capsule collection from Filippa K “showcases its deep-seated dedication to promoting sustainable solutions in the fashion sector,” according to the company. This new collaboration, The Circulose Loop, “combines history with innovation to produce clothing constructed from recycled fibres,” is the basis for a four-piece drop.

It is introducing two new items created of Circulose, a brand-new substance made from textile waste that is 100% recycled and produced by the Swedish sustainable technology scale-up Renewcell. The Italian fabric manufacturer Beste was introduced to Renewcell, “starting a circular production loop that converts the mill’s textile waste into a fresh recycled material.”

Beste’s textile waste historically had to be burned off due to municipal regulations and had no value. The garbage will now be delivered to Renewcell for conversion into Circulose.

To create the substance, textile waste must first be processed into a branded dissolving pulp. After the pulp is stripped of its water and polyester, it is converted into a square sheet that resembles paper and can be readily transported and used to create new fibres. After being spun into yarn, these fibres are returned to Beste for weaving, dying, and finishing.

The final fabric is used to make new clothing, while the textile waste generated during weaving is delivered to Renewcell to help make Circulose in the future.

According to the firm, the label’s iconic Swedish Wool sweaters are making a comeback in the capsule in a brand-new striped cable knit style.

Since 2019, Filippa K has continued its honourable supply chain initiative by releasing a new sweater made entirely of Swedish wool each year.