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There are a hundred reasons to love Monsoon, and one of them is fashion. The monsoon season is the ideal time of year to experiment with your appearance and try out inevitably impressive and fashionable fashion aspects. You might build a masterpiece by mixing and matching the correct clothes and accessories. The chilly wind and hazy light provide the ideal backdrop for your new look. Be willing to experiment with some Monsoon-themed fashion tips and set your Instagram account on fire! “Wear breathable materials so you don’t feel the humidity in the air,” says fashion designer Ganesh Nallari, adding that cotton and linens are great for monsoon, especially because they dry quickly!When it comes to colour, he adds, “Choose wisely.”

When the rainy season arrives, choose clothes made of cotton or polyester that are not only comfortable but also dry quickly. When we venture outside during the monsoon, it’s nearly hard not to get drenched. This is why selecting the proper cloth is critical. Clothing consisting of denim or silk should be saved because they take a long time to dry and become destroyed.

Select your footwear wisely

Avoid wearing stilettos or light-colored shoes unless you want to ruin your favourite pair. When it comes to wet days, one incorrect footwear decision might exacerbate the situation. Wearing shoes composed of leather, suede, or velvet is also not recommended.

Match your socks with the season

Bacterial infection is very common during the rainy season so, if you are wearing closed footwear in the monsoon, make sure to wear waterproof socks which will keep your feet dry and safe from bacterial infection. Usually thicker than normal socks, waterproof socks come with moisture-wicking properties as well as anti-microbial properties.

Handbags can be your monsoon saviour

You may want to skip carrying a handbag during monsoon, but it’s probably not a wise decision. If you are travelling, you should always choose a spacious bag that is big enough to hold the essentials as well as the umbrella. Tote bags come really handy in the monsoon.

Make a statement with an umbrella

Umbrellas are not just used for protection from rain but now are used as a style statement. A fun, bright-coloured umbrella can make your outfit look vibrant. Carrying a cherry red umbrella in the sea of black umbrellas will surely turn some heads.