Upcycling enhances sustainability in fashion industry.

Published: May 4, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Wrangler forms partnerships to promote circularity and reduce denim waste in landfills effectively.

Wrangler is collaborating with Beyond Retro to launch the second installment of the Wrangler Reborn Collection, which reimagines styles using discarded denim. The initiative, which originally focused on giving new life to old jeans, has been expanded following a successful launch in 2022. Additionally, Wrangler is working with Accelerating Circularity, a non-profit organization focused on textile recycling, to create a new five-pocket jean style from upcycled denim. The goal is to establish a circular supply chain and ecosystem that converts used textiles into new raw materials, reducing waste in landfills.

Wrangler has teamed up with the Texas Playboys Baseball Club in Austin to create a unique shade structure made from scrap denim and cardboard tubes. This sustainable design will provide shade for players and spectators, while also showcasing the beauty of upcycling. The partnership aims to promote a greener, more inclusive future for the local community by championing sustainable practices.

Vivian Rivetti, the vice president of global design at Wrangler, emphasized the brand’s commitment to sustainability and longevity in its denim products. By working closely with organizations, Wrangler aims to promote upcycling within the fashion industry and demonstrate the potential for long-lasting and durable clothing options for denim lovers.

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