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Unique Burmese Art Deco from The Great Eastern Home

Published: May 11, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

The Great Eastern Home, home to many vintage and furniture pieces from different eras also have some unique period styles. One such style of furniture is the Burmese Art Deco.

The Burmese Art Deco, a local expression of the globally loved Art Deco phenomenon is a legacy of colonial experience.  Burmese artisans have been skilled with working with the abundant natural resources of woods, bamboo, lacquer for centuries.  So also for this style, usually Burma teak, hand carved and polished, sometimes paired with rattan-work can be seen mostly in this furniture style.  Unlike the global Art Deco, we do not find newer materials like steel, chrome, brass or precious inlays in these pieces of furniture. Use of geometric repeating patterns, straight lines, gentle curves embellished with local motifs such as lotus, peacocks etc. can be seen in cabinets, arm chairs, sofas, plantation furniture, bookcases etc. of this period.

The backsplat of this armchair is designed using cut outs in art deco patterns which is suitable for the local climate as it also allows air to flow through.  The woven rattan seat too helps to keep the body cool.

The cabinet showcases a delicate butterfly molded in solid wood. The flared sides of the cabinet frame add a softening touch to the piece whilst the curves on the panel below gently mimic the louvres of windows used in colonial bungalows.

Burmese Art Deco furniture serves as a great piece of furniture for weekend homes and farmhouses as well as terrace seating. Make most of your space by adding these pieces of furniture to it and creating a comfortable space.

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