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Handloom sarees has always been considered as one of the integral parts of the Indian history.
Hand woven sarees had been through ups and downs during its life. The saree industry which was
getting monopolised by power loom sector is slowly but steadily returning to the handloom sector.
Evolution is what differentiates humans from animals. Every single product which humans use has
undergone the stage of evolution. Saree which was once considered as the normal attire of women
is now evolving beyond that. We are witnessing an era in which saree is worn by every human
irrespective of gender. It is true that the style of wearing and dressing up is different for everyone,
but that’s what make saree special. The simple but unique saree always had the potential to be used
as a universal clothing.

The types of sarees throughout the country are numerous but some of them stands above the
other. Solapuri saree which started a textile revolution in the state of Maharashtra, is one of those
sarees which stood as one of the best among the best.

The saree which was traditionally worn by the Maharashtrian women, the Solapuri saree is also
undergoing the evolution process mentioned above. People are starting to wear the handwoven
Solapuri saree more often. The peoples are not just Maharashtrians, but people from other states
are also getting interested in them.

Traditional methods of wearing a saree are constantly being challenged. The styling of traditional
Solapuri saree which has been done shows how vast the path for Solapuri hand woven saree is. The
stylings done shows us that instead of wearing the saree in a traditional and complex way, the saree
can be worn in a more modern and comfortable manner in which the wearer has more satisfaction.
The styling done gives the wearer a look which has the elements of both traditional and modern

The styling of women’s saree has been there for some time, experiments on women’s saree are
still going on. The styling for the Solapuri saree was also done as part of this experiment.
Styling of the Solapuri saree

The handwoven Solapuri saree worn by the female model was picked so that the saree will go well
together with the model. The saree which has wine red and blue in colour is something which
represents the traditional saree weaving of Solapur. The saree is uniquely draped as a pleated skirt
in the bottom to give it a different look from normal saree wearing techniques. The pallu part of the
saree has been taken over and around to form the blouse, and the drape was planned and executed
so that pockets are created, which gives a functional element for the wearer. The saree is styled with
a thin woven border as an armlet. For the finishing the model has worn silver bangles, simple silver
earrings and multiple matching rings which goes very well with the Solapuri cotton saree. The styling
of this saree is something which was successful in integrating both traditional and modern elements
of the saree.

The second saree which is styled in a more traditional way can be considered as a modern effort in
a single look. The saree which has the colours yellow, pink and white is draped as the traditional six-
yard saree with front pleats. The changes implemented are on the drape of the pallu. The pallu is
taken from the back over to the front and is fixed with a hip belt to give the effect of a shawl. The
black kurta which is worn outside is shortened in the front which adds to the uniqueness of the

saree. Multiple silver rings and matching nail paints which is used complements the model. The
white goggles used with the styling gives a quirky stylish look for the model. The styling done on the Solapuri sarees unveils the unlimited paths we can explore with sarees. Trying to promote the sarees by styling and wearing it in a more contemporary manner will allow this important aspect of Indian tradition to thrive once again.