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There are various types of kurtis in the market. but do they all present you with an elegant look ??. everyone wears kurti but why not look different from everyone? why not look a little more elegant and stylish?

Here we have the top 8 kurtis for you that will give you a more sophisticated, royal, and a more elegant look 

1 Straight Cut Kurti with Chino Pants

In the past, traditional kurtas are tunics mostly made of silk, however, today, they are also made from polyester and cotton and worn by males as well as females. It is worn for events like puja or. Nowadays, a majority of urban women are choosing this to be their preferred outfit. Chino is a particular kind of fabric that is made of pure cotton these pure cotton kurta sets and is utilized to make trousers. The fabric was developed in China. Although Chinos are mostly for men, they are also becoming fashionable among women. Furthermore  The current fashion says that Khaki is the most sought-after hue of pants. You can pair your straight-cut bright kurti with a Khaki Chino (more commonly known as cigarette pants) and tie your hair into a stunning ponytail, apply a little perfume, and you’re set to go! This is a great look for any type of body.

 2 Koti Kurti Style with  Flared Pants

Koti Style Kurti is a straight-cut cotton Kurti and a heavily embellished jacket for a touch of class.  If you’re currently considering how to dress in a Kurti then don’t worry because you are in the right spot. You’ve probably heard about flared jeans, which are trendy at the present. A Salwar suit is the perfect alternative to that, and that is the flared pant! It looks like palazzo, but it’s not normal pant that is palazzo. Moreover, The pants are available in solid colors or even the chikankari pattern. They are extremely comfy and soothing enough to be relaxing during the hot summer months of India. If you’re taller, these are perfect for you regardless of whether you’re otherwise, but you are able to wear them because fashion-consciousness is the most important thing.

3 Dhoti Pants paired with Short Anarkali

Everybody has that gaudy long Anarkali dress in their closets, but you can’t get a bus ride in it, can you? Make sure you shop smart and search for shorter Anarkali Kurtis. They can be difficult to find, however when you do find one, you’ve certainly made an excellent purchase since the wearer can put it on to celebrations and even at a small function. Lastly, You are probably thinking about what to wear for bottoms. You’re bored of jeans that are worn every day and are looking to try out ethnic clothing. women embroidered Kurti can be your answer! Made from delicate, soft fabric, dhoti pants that are crafted by layering, dhoti pants will make your dress stand out from the crowd. Add sunglasses that have a wayfarer and you’re ready to go. We have found another navy blue fitted as well as flared Kurti. 

4 Kurti is paired with Sharara Pants

It is an alternative to Palazzo pants, but the variety of this kind of pants, referred to as Sharara pants will surprise you. The pants could be made composed of cotton or mixed fabrics. We’ve found the mustard Gota work Sharara. Furthermore The look was similar to the parallels of the knee. Then they fall down to form flared pants. In case you’re wondering, they’re very comfortable and ideal for summer attire. For a bold look, you can wear it with a short Kurti. 

5 An asymmetrical Kurti with Churidaar

Don’t settle for the standard Kurti and ditch the regular and go for a gorgeous Asymmetrical Kurti and flaunt the fierce woman inside you. Yes, it’s unusual but it’s also feminine and definitely makes an impact with its style. They are available in solid colors with a variety of prints as well as different kinds of symmetry. They are a must for women who do not abide by the rules. Combining it is easy. Moreover Churidar pants in the perfect shape will work. Wear it with oxidized jewelry and break boundaries with fashion. For example, you can go with the Dabu Handblock Print Indigo Cotton Asymmetrical Kurta. The Kurti is fluid and rustic looking because the hand block technique is a conventional printing technique. This process is totally eco-friendly.

6 Choose Kurtis in Formal Colours

There isn’t any strict and unchanging rule to determine which color to wear and which not to wear at work. You are free to choose any color you’d like to display. But picking vibrant colors for your office does not show an extremely good sense of fashion. Furthermore, in this ethnic kurta set for women There are a variety of colors that are not extravagant but are very vibrant such as sky blue, pale pink coral, indigo, and others. If you aren’t a fan of dull shades like brown or grey Lastely You can also include a touch of vibrant colors such as neon red or green to make the overall appearance.

7 Gold Print Kurti Pant Dupatta

Are you looking for an entire Kurti set including a dupatta and leggings? You can go with a gold-colored Kurti. The Kurti can be printed with gold stripes across it, while the white mal-mal dupatta shall showcase the summery floral prints. The neckline’s borders as well as the dupatta and hemline are stitched in a golden piped pattern. Lastly  The pant that is cropped is fitted with button loops, which add elegance and style design.

8 Printed High-Low Straight Kurta

When it comes to capturing the essence of Indian styles and patterns Kurtis. Bunkari  is the brand that you can count on blindfolded. The kurta sets for women  they make are stunning and sophisticated as well. They make an ideal office outfit for any Indian woman. The kurti has tiny buttons, which sit perfectly with the dark blue blend of cotton fabric.

The hemline of this Kurti is rounded, which makes it even more attractive for an impressive fashion statement. It is made of blended cotton for optimal comfort, this outfit can be worn with a Mandarin collar for an elegant appearance. This kurti can be worn with a churidar with a white crop or straight pants and take over the corporate fashion world easily.