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Published: July 13, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Tie & dye is the easy way to add colors and designs with style in your wardrobe. This is achieved by simply binding, folding or simply scrunching fabric before dying it.

Tie & dye is the process of creating patterns on clothes and fabric. This technique is simplest and oldest form of creating patterns on a plain piece of cloth is called tie and dye. Apart from clothes tie and dye can also be achieved on household items such as pillowcase, napkins, & tablecloths.

The art of tie & dye goes way back in time.500-800 AD in Peru, the designs included small circles and lines with bright colors using yellow, red, blue and green.

Now a days not only garment but Tie Dye Sandals and Heels to boots are seen in fashion. Although Tie and Dye is a retro style but it’s a fashion trend these days which is getting more and

more attention of designers and critics. Yes, its still a fashion; you can always spot an odd guy/gal wearing a trendy tie n dyed kurta or even some t-shirts with a cool pattern of tie n dye. Its among very rare kind of designs that is fancied by generations of all times. I must say this art of tie n dye is here to stay for Long.

– Tejasvi Gurjar

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