This new location in Gurugram is creating room for locally produced clothing, cuisine, and innovation.

Published: June 17, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By pratyasha sarkar

Editors, influencers, designers, and other members of the creative community came in March for a launch night at the 32nd Galleries in Gurugram, which included locally produced cuisine, clothing, and design.

Dhruv Sharma, the creator and CEO of the brand-new grounds, claims that “32nd was born out of our very selfish needs in the city.” His sister Shirin Sharma, who is the creator and director of talent at 32nd Galleries, and he travelled the world as children, seeing other street cultures, shopping for clothes, and dining on the finest cuisine. Bringing the finest of the world to their home city in India was the ultimate goal when they teamed up with their third project partner, 32nd founder and COO Guido Van Steijn. experiences,” Dhruv explains.

“From a jazz club called Piano Man that we could visit at the end of the work week to a cafe called Greenr that encouraged mindful living and wholesome nutrition and from which we could regularly have a nutritious lunch and a post-workout smoothie. We discovered that a much bigger target audience shared the same desire for novel, meaningful experiences after observing how well welcomed these novel concepts were, says Dhruv.

32nd Galleries operates on an intriguing win-win arrangement with developing fashion labels like Almost Gods, Ka-Sha, Khanijo, Antar-Agni, Ode to Odd and others occupying studio space on a high-street format. The owners and designers gain equally from increased foot traffic, making the businesses an incubator for niche labels across the nation. According to Sharma, who sums it up well, “This lifestyle experience building machine is just as much an early stage accelerator as it is a ommunity space for various subcultures.”

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