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This week, Go Fashion India is up around 10%, and this month, it is up about 13%. There are many causes for the stock to be rising, but today’s action may qualify as extraordinary. The company’s first quarter statistics were outstanding, with same-store sales increasing by 30% above pre-COVID basis and revenue growing by five times (on a low foundation).

The company has started a new warehouse in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra. And the western region of the country is known as the region for the consumers because there is a fair amount of consumption that takes place in the western part as against the other parts of the country and this would add, to their revenue, 120-130 new additional stores this year with improving business metrics working capital days down from 190 to 133. Ad expenses will increase, but despite that, the margin guidance is at 31-32 percent versus 30 percent in the last year and online sales increased from 2.5 to 5 percent.

With respect to Go Leggings and other products, the company has a strong brand. As a result of a price rise, the company’s gross margins have increased by about 420 basis points this quarter despite inflation, and the average selling price has increased by 9%. 30 additional stores for premium brands have been added. total stores at approximately.