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The World Leader in Thermal Control Technology, Tiger Corporation will Launch the MMP-W020/W030 and the MMZ-W035/W050/W060

Published: March 4, 2024

Tiger India Private Limited (TIPL), the Indian subsidiary of Tiger Corporation, a global leader in thermal control technology, announced the launch of two new vacuum insulated bottles which will be available at retailers, specialty stores and Amazon nationwide starting March 2024.


According to a survey conducted by the Tiger, when it comes to using bottles in everyday life, the common issues that most people face is that the inside of the bottle is difficult to wash, the bottle stem is difficult to wash, and the bottle is heavy. This led us to develop the “Vacuum Insulated Bottle MMP-W020/W030” and “Vacuum Insulated Bottle MMZ-W035/W050/W060” to finally address these issues.


The inside of the bottle is coated with Super Clean Plus to prevent stains and odors, and the entire bottle is dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean. In addition, the bottle is equipped with a “One-Piece Lid” that integrates the bottle stopper and gasket for the first time ever in a Tiger vacuum-insulated bottle. The stopper is easy to clean as there is no need to remove the gasket, and the screw position is exposed at the top, making it easy to wash and preventing odors from lingering. The bottle body is lightweight thanks to our unique spinning process, which makes the inner cylinder as thin as possible. The lightweight screw lid bottle with an integrated gasket has been made possible by our unique spinning process.

The double-walled stainless steel vacuum structure provides high cold/warming retention! Cold drinks stay cold, hot drinks stay hot, and the perfect drinking temperature is maintained for more than 6 hours. The upper part of the drinking spout is curled to reproduce the mouth feel of a mug. The MMP-W020 features a trendy key color, while the MMP-W030 has a chic moderate color, and the MMZ-W model features a light, sophisticated, soft nuanced color.

Tiger Corporation commemorated its 100th birthday in the previous year. For the next century, we shall be “spreading joyous harmony throughout the world” using the vacuum insulation technology we have developed with our vacuum flasks. Based on our “Four Promises” and with consideration for the environment, human rights, and health, we will keep offering new values in vacuum-insulated bottles.

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