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The Vogue-approved guide to wearing the Barbiecore trend like Margot Robbie.

Published: June 8, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Mokshika Chauhan

Like any evident mainstream society peculiarity, the profoundly expected Barbie film, coordinated by Greta Gerwig and featuring Margot Robbie as the fundamental Barbie, has entered the style market and is right now in its subsequent season. Since the Barbie film was reported the previous summer, the Barbiecore pattern has been near, and it doesn’t appear to be disappearing this season. The Pink PP color for Valentino is just one example. With the release of new mysteries and trailers that have really
prodded and shaped an entirely different style fashionable for the world to unload, design sweethearts’ wistfulness has fueled their interest.

In spite of the fact that assembling a pink outfit from your storeroom might give the appearance that the Barbiecore pattern can be effortlessly recreated, there is something else to this style besides only a pink troupe from head to toe. The pinks in Barbiecore are not only reserved and ladylike, but they are also nearly… plastic (and, dare we venture to say phenomenal), which is connected to the idea of imitating Barbie’s lively and whimsical taste.

Think bubblegum pinks and hot pinks, which are so daring and outrageous that they perfectly reflect Barbie’s plastic, always-happy personality. And despite the fact that pink is commonly associated with Barbie, the movie’s trailer and Margot Robbie’s iconic Vogue cover shoot demonstrate that you don’t have to wear pink to look #barbiecore.

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