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Published: October 7, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

3DLOOK, the global leader in AI-first mobile body measuring and virtual try-on solutions, has achieved a 47% lower return rate for size-related reasons in a 6-months case study in partnership with internet-famous TA3 SWIM

The brand, known for its best-selling sculpting swimsuits, rolled out 3DLOOK’s size recommendations to reduce a high number of size-related returns and offer a seamless online shopping experience. With fit issues contributing to 38% of all apparel returns, TA3 Swim’s need for a solution was further exacerbated by the use of compression fabrics that hug close to smooth and sculpt the body, making it crucial to get each customer in their best size.

Following a 6-months case study, the brand has seen a record-low return rate for size-related reasons of 9% when YourFit is used, which is 47% lower than the overall website and 76% lower than the market average. On average, 46% of customers using YourFit are converting to purchase, with 80% choosing to purchase the YourFit recommended size. Furthermore, when the recommended size is not selected initially, 45% of customers will make a return and request an exchange for YourFit’s originally recommended size. Likewise, with YourFit, the brand is experiencing only a 2% rate with bracketing-related returns, as providing size recommendations for shoppers eliminates the need to purchase multiple sizes and return the ones that don’t fit.

“What good is shapewear if it doesn’t fit right? Sizing charts don’t work because most shoppers don’t know their measurements — and they shouldn’t be expected to do the legwork anyway. With YourFit, our customers can now snap two photos and receive a reliable recommendation instantly. Size-related and bracketing-related returns were our biggest struggle. However, offering support in all the right places, YourFit has worked wonders on TA3 SWIM’s return rate,” — said Leila Shams, founder and CEO at TA3 SWIM.

“Apparel returns attributed to bracketing and size-related issues make up for half of all returns, and poor fit experience has more consequences than one might think. In addition to eating into profit margins and damaging the planet with unnecessary emissions, poor fit experience is likely to put an end to your consumer relationship as an unhappy customer will not come back to buy more. The recent case study with TA3 SWIM shows that truly sustainable practices are achievable, benefitting the customer, the brands, and the planet,” — said Whitney Cathcart, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at 3DLOOK.

To use YourFit and get instant size recommendations, customers can simply choose a style and click the ‘Find my Size’ button. Voice-guided through a mobile-based scanning process, they snap two photos, and YourFit by 3DLOOK calculates the best size option based on their unique body measurements. Complete within 60 seconds, customer data is safe and secure to preserve the privacy of TA3 Swim’s body-conscious customers. 

3DLOOK is the global leader in AI-first mobile body measuring and virtual try-on solutions. 3DLOOK’s flagship e-commerce solution YourFit offers personalized fit and size recommendations and virtual try-on for shoppers to help brands reduce returns while increasing conversion and AOV. 3DLOOK’s achievements have been highly acknowledged by industry peers, as the company won the French American Chamber of Commerce Award in 2022, Digiday Technology Award and RTIH Innovation Award in 2021, LVMH Innovation Award and the IEEE Retail Digital Transformation Grand Challenge in 2019. PCIAW named 3DLOOK as the highly commended vendor in 2021, while Creative Retail Awards shortlisted 3DLOOK’s project with a leading US retailer the same year. In 2022 the company’s CEO and co-founder Vadim Rogovskiy won the ‘40 under 40’ Award by Retail TouchPoints, while the company’s co-founder and CCO Whitney Cathcart won the Women in IT Award in 2022.

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