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The third installment of Cameroon Fashion Design pays tribute to traditional textiles.

Published: June 16, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Ankita Dutta.

The latest edition of Cameroon Fashion Design was a remarkable display of the creativity of African fashion designers. The objective of the occasion was to highlight Africa’s creativity and encourage the use of noble materials that are frequently adopted by the Western world. It displayed the ancestral works of African fashion designers, featuring Mali’s Bogolan, Kita, Cameroon’s Ndop, and Obom’s fabrics, to name a few.

The event was a journey through Africa’s sartorial history, and the designers returned to their roots to find inspiration. The result was a remarkable display of creativity from exuberantly clad models to models rocking extraordinary hairstyles, giving off royal vibes, all reflecting the rich and inspiring heritage of African fashion.

The event’s promoter, Sophie Darel, noted that Africa is overflowing with riches and noble materials, but Westerners often appropriate them and promote them. The event was a turning point to go back to their roots to draw inspiration.

One of the highlights of the event was an exhibition at Epee Motto’s, where the rare Obom fabric was showcased. The driving force behind the display is an enthusiastic supporter of Obom, who, along with a collaborator, spent nearly five years researching the scarce material with the goal of reintroducing it to mainstream fashion. Previously reserved for special events, their aim is to bring this traditional fabric back into vogue. The fabric is made from a rare tree that is still under threat of extinction due to deforestation.

Obom popularization is beyond a quest for identity. Centuries before cotton became widely used, the peoples from Cameroon’s center-southeast region would wear Obom. Despite the fabric’s steep price of 11,000 cfa Francs, which the average Cameroonian cannot afford, it’s gaining recognition and is becoming a symbol of patriotism.

The event sought to highlight the rich fashion heritage of Africa, ranging from the styling of the model’s hair to outfits made from eco-friendly materials, exhibiting the best of African culture. High-profile guests, including the First Lady Chantal Biya, graced the event, adding their support to the promotion of African culture.

To sum up, the third instalment of the Cameroon Fashion design event provided an exceptional platform for showcasing indigenous fabrics and the ingenuity of African fashion designers. It aimed to promote the use of fabrics and other materials that often get appropriated by westerners. The event was a celebration of the diverse heritage of African fashion, and its promotion will foster greater unity and pride in Africa’s capacity to inspire in many spheres, including fashion.

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