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Published: November 14, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

I made the decision to forgo rapid fashion and opt instead for thoughtful wardrobe decisions about three years ago. I decided to buy a lot of secondhand items (this is still true now) and put together my very own capsule wardrobe from thrift stores. But as a seasoned online girlie, I found it difficult to ignore the plethora of microtrends that unexpectedly flooded my For You Page.

Consignment shops like Goodbyes and marketplaces like Depop showed me that circular fashion didn’t have to be uninteresting. You can change your outfit seasonally to include different textures, forms, and colour schemes in order to participate with “trends” in a conscious manner. In addition, who really knows what’s “trendy” these days?

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According to Agustina Panzoni, Depop’s Category and Trend Manager, “Everything is occurring, everything is trending, everything is in freefall. The flex dressing season is about to start. In reality, there are no rules at all. Agustina and Lachlan Sully, the Assistant Manager at Goodbyes Brunswick, have put together a list of eco-friendly trends to watch out for if you’re trying to locate a used summer jewel.

Put on every item you have at once. A cropped, fitted jacket with sunglasses, a scarf, and an A-line skirt over a longer-length tee and a pair of baggy pants. Or a dress over a pair of wide-leg shorts over a pair of Adidas track trousers over an enormous hoodie—you get the picture.

As one of the simplest ways to express your uniqueness, mixing opposing fabrics, textures, and designs is encouraged. As the weather warms up, layering up is also a wonderful idea because you can always take some of them off to see what’s below.

Unicorn-like beauty is back. But this time, Marissa Cooper is the high school student attending Chanel, not Alannah Hill or Zooey Deschanel. Tweed jackets, ballerina flats, devoré velvet skirt suits with lace trim, lace on everything, flower designs, satin ribbon, rosettes, Keds, polka dots, and layers of ruffles help you live out your feminine fantasies. Keep an eye out for vintage Anna Molinari, Alberta Ferretti, Rodarte, Sonia Rykiel, Valentino, Jill Stuart, Blumarine, and Miu Miu, among other designers.

Wear a suit, advises RuPaul in his Masterclass. Of course, he advises wearing a suit if you want to earn more money, but why not do it for fun? It’s also not crucial to have a suit that fits you well. With a sloppy tie and a baggy (un-ironed) shirt, it should look enormous and untidy. It explores what it’s like to dress in a suit and virtually cosplay as an adult while actually being one.

Why not dress as though you’re wandering around Marseille or Mykonos? Why not wear a faded baseball cap, low-rise distressed denim, a pair of thongs, a large, sparkling belt buckle, and tight-fitting polo shirts? Sunglasses with a wraparound frame and a large designer bag are necessities. possibly a bikini below all of this. Who cares? You’re on vacation! Okay, sort of. Be on the lookout for Dsquared2, Pucci, Armani Exchange, True Religion, vintage Dolce & Gabbana, Iceberg, Missoni, and Diesel.

Our accessories are changing in size. Our entire heads are immediately covered with enormous sunglasses. All year long, scarves are worn that are extremely long and slender with fringe or beads. For once, bags are substantial and useful. Carry everything you might require throughout the day, night, and possibly the following day. Consider chunky-yet-funky footwear. such as bulky slides or thongs that will make your (potentially enormous) feet look diminutive, boat shoes with a thick sole, square-toe loafers on a clown-like size, or boat shoes with thick soles.

The villain, who once exuded confidence, has since grown bold and boastful; a rebellious spirit prowls the party season and draws jealous looks. Use metallic accents and dark cosmetics to participate in this style and give your look a ’90s grunge vibe. Searches for “grunge” have grown by 169% at Depop during the past year. Look to straight, sleek lines for inspiration, mixed with glam accessories like silver jewellery, sequined tops, and black leather pants.

Currently, leather racing coats are very fashionable. Depop has observed a 143% year-over-year increase in searches for “leather bomber jacket,” which are both fashionable and enduring. Another straightforward approach to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe is with a timeless pair of Doc Marten boots.

A young spirit that charms others—similar to a storybook character—is what [metafemme] denotes. Use refined, less sensual designs with hot pink and red rosé-like Valentino colour palettes to participate in this trend. Think sheer lace gloves, rose pearl chokers, tweed co-ords, and gowns with puffy sleeves!

Those who work nine to five need a contemporary, tailored outfit that is also appropriate for daily commuting. Weekends don’t slow down the action because [this] aesthetic is appropriate for Sunday pub dinners, brunching with pals, and seeing museums.

Take part in this style by purchasing weatherproof outerwear, useful electronic accessories, and chunky sneakers inspired by hiking boots that you can elevate with stylish button-up shirts and fitted slacks.

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