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-By Ankita Dutta

On Wednesday, Victoria’s Secret declared that its legendary fashion exhibition is coming back in a fresh style and with a brand new set of models.

Victoria’s Secret, the iconic lingerie brand, has announced its reimagined format for its fashion show, this time as a video journey that showcases emerging global trailblazers. “The Victoria’s Secret World Tour” film will tell the behind-the-scenes craft and intimate stories of creative minds who have never been showcased before. A group of twenty talented and innovative global creatives named the ‘VS20′ are involved in this project. They will be given the opportunity to design four fashion curations. The creatives’ custom designs will be conceptualized, produced and showcased with complete creative freedom. This bold new project of Victoria’s Secret will be streamed globally and conclude in a live fashion event this fall.

Raúl Martinez, the EVP and head creative director at Victoria’s Secret & Co, expressed his excitement at “the ultimate expression of the Victoria’s Secret brand transformation.” He added that the film would pay tribute to the iconic imagery of the past but with a bold, redefined approach. Martinez believes that the project represents the platform’s repositioning as driving fashion, entertainment, and glamour, and celebrates women’s individualities from new and creative perspectives.

Victoria’s Secret targets each contributing global creative in different cities, including the vibrant city of Bogota, where fashion designer Melissa Valdes, filmmaker Cristina Sánchez Salamanca, painter Lorena Torres, dancer and choreographer Piscis, and musician Goyo will conceive their fashions. The city of Lagos will be the creative hub for fashion designer Bubu Ogisi, filmmaker Korty, artist Eloghosa Osunde, Ashley Okoli, and multifaceted creative Wavy the Creator. Meanwhile, creatives Jenny Fax and Umi Ishihara will represent London and Tokyo. Chris Rupp, the chief customer officer at Victoria’s Secret & Co, is enthusiastic to introduce a reinvented version of the fashion show that blends entertainment and fashion.

He believes that the customers have been waiting for this spectacular event to celebrate the iconic heritage of the brand through the vision of a new generation of artists. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show initially premiered in 1995. However, it drew increasing criticism for its apparent lack of diversity and inclusivity, leading to its unceremonious cancellation in 2019. The repositioning of the platform and the new way of doing the fashion show represent a revitalization of the brand, hopefully marking a new era for Victoria’s Secret.