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The PUCCI sunglasses campaign has Juliana Nal as its face .

Published: July 21, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Pratyasha Sarkar

Juliana Nal, a model and influencer who has previously collaborated with brands like Heliot Emil and HEAT, is the new face of PUCCI and will be starring in its Y2K-inspired eyewear campaign.

One of the emerging stars in fashion is Nal, who had a brief relationship with Ye late last year. In PUCCI’s most recent digital release, the model maintains her position while sporting not only the brand’s new sunglasses but also colourful, whimsical clothing inspired by its past. Notably, we discover Nal wearing a pair of sunglasses in the EP0213 design, with a focal point of burnt orange or gold-tinted lenses attached to side arms that have fishtails inserted to form a “P” insignia.

The EP0210 ups the ante while maintaining the Y2K look. PUCCI chooses a stylish oval frame in this instance that is puffed up, provided in white and semi-transparent red, and enhanced with gold-toned metal hardware. Here, PUCCI appeals to Gen-Z’s current love of all things lighthearted and jovial by pledging to avoid taking fashion too seriously—a strategy that has proven successful in recent years at other houses.

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