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-By Ankita Dutta.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made yet another statement, this time about sustainable fashion, as he attended the annual G7 summit in Japan. His outfit of choice for a visit to the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park was a sleeveless jacket made from recycled materials. The jacket, which was produced using recycled PET bottles that were collected, crushed, melted, coloured and spun into yarn, was developed by EcoLine Clothing, a company committed to promoting eco-friendly practices and creating a greener future through sustainable fashion. The Sadri jacket, a traditional Indian garment typically made from light materials such as cotton or silk and designed to be worn with traditional Indian attire such as kurta pyjamas or sherwanis, was a statement piece that served as a reminder of the importance of fashion embracing

The process of producing recycled fabric is a resoundingly green one, reducing emissions at multiple stages of production. Modi’s jacket was a ‘Chandhan’ shade sleeveless jacket from EcoLine Clothing, worn over a signature white kurta and pyjama. The Sadri jacket is usually a short, fitted jacket with front buttons and a mandarin collar that is popular with many Indian men.

EcoLine Clothing’s managing partner, Senthil Sankar, expressed immense excitement and gratitude towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to wear their Sadri jacket once again. This occurrence is deeply meaningful and a great honor for the company, as it underscores the shared vision between Mr. Modi and EcoLine Clothing to promote eco-friendly practices and work towards a greener future. The company will continue to prioritize delivering top-notch and sustainable products. This event has served as further inspiration to innovate and make contributions to the cause of sustainability.

Modi is quite a trendsetter in promoting eco-friendly clothing and this was not the first time he has done so. Earlier this year, he wore a sleeveless sky-blue jacket made from recycled plastic bottles to Parliament. During the India Energy Week in Bengaluru, the Sadri jacket was presented to him as a gift by the Indian Oil Corporation. His endorsement of environmentally friendly fashion has become a global trend. This is quite encouraging, given the fashion industry’s reputation as one of the biggest polluters and offenders when it comes to waste and pollution. It is heartening to see world leaders actively promoting sustainable fashion, and it is equally gratifying to see companies like EcoLine Clothing that are committed to eco-friendly practices and contributing to a sustainable future.

As the world shifts emphasis to sustainable living, it is imperative that the fashion industry takes steps to reduce pollution and eliminate wasteful processes. This will require innovative, cutting-edge, and environmentally conscious production processes. As Modi has reminded us, changes are possible, one fashionable outfit at a time.