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The fashion landscape is being reshaped by 160 students from IIFD Surat in 2023.

Published: June 21, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Ankita Dutta

In Surat, a bustling city in Gujarat, India, a remarkable fashion exhibition titled ‘FASHION EXPLORE 2023’ unfolded. Hosted with great enthusiasm by the International Institute of Fashion Designing (IIFD), this event took place at the esteemed Surat International Exhibition and Convention Centre’s (SIECC) Platinum Hall in Sarsana. More than 160 talented fashion design students united to showcase their prowess and present their extraordinary creations.

Under the meticulous guidance of Pallavi Maheshwari, the founder of IIFD, and Mukesh Maheshwari, the founder director, this grand event served as a testament to the institute’s dedication to nurturing creativity and fostering excellence in the fashion realm.

Debuting Extraordinary Collections

The exhibition unveiled an impressive array of collections designed by the students for the forthcoming season. Embracing unconventional manufacturing processes, the aspiring designers introduced innovative techniques, treatments, and value additions that injected a fresh wave of creativity into the textiles and apparel industry. Drawing inspiration from India’s rich historical heritage, the designers seamlessly incorporated elements such as the Patrika Gate and Nalanda University into their exquisite garments. Furthermore, they delved into thought-provoking concepts encompassing marine life conservation, the futuristic cyber world, sustainability, and the considerate use of polyester waste.

Revolutionizing Surat’s Textile Sphere

The exhibition also served as a platform to celebrate the trailblazing innovations emerging from Surat’s vibrant textile industry. Adorned with the title of India’s ‘Silk City,’ Surat proudly boasts a rich legacy in textile manufacturing. The talented student designers leveraged this heritage and expertly weaved together unique fabrics, patterns, and designs that paid homage to the city’s cherished textile tapestry.

Dazzling Avant-Garde Showcases

The grand finale of ‘FASHION EXPLORE 2023’ was nothing short of a visual spectacle. The students mesmerized the audience with their avant-garde costumes, effortlessly capturing the attention and imagination of both theater enthusiasts and international film industry connoisseurs. Embracing bold and imaginative designs, the students defied the conventional boundaries of fashion, successfully transforming garments into masterpiece-like wearable art that made an unforgettable impact.

Exciting Developments and Flourishing Industry Exposure

Amidst the excitement, Mukesh Maheshwari shared thrilling news during the event. He revealed that IIFD students had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the illustrious fashion designer, Manish Malhotra, at Fashion Connect in Jaipur. This collaboration enhanced the students’ practical experience and provided them with invaluable industry exposure. Building upon this success, IIFD Surat has also formed a notable affiliation with Instituto di Moda Burgo, Milan, a prestigious Italian fashion college. This esteemed partnership opens new doors for students, offering them valuable international exposure and a broader global perspective on fashion design.

The resounding triumph of ‘FASHION EXPLORE 2023’ was further heightened by the presence of eminent personalities from Surat, including textile industrialists and seasoned fashion professionals. The event was graced by the esteemed couturier and esteemed fashion designer, Amit Agarwal, who assumed the role of chief judge. His esteemed presence added expertise and industry validation to the exhibition, elevating its significance.

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