The Fabricant and Weekday join forces creating digital collectibles.

Published: June 12, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By pratyasha sarkar

Weekday, a high-street retailer, has expanded its digital footprint by releasing two digital collectibles in partnership with the The Fabricant, a digital fashion house As part of a limited-edition drop called Artefact 001, the duo will release a pair of sunglasses in two colorways, each of which will be offered in both digital and physical forms, the latter of which will be sold through Weekday’s e-commerce portal.

A unique pair of black and white sunglasses are among the 300 digital items that make up the drop, which launches formally on June 13.

Weekday’s design lead for creative projects and co-labs, Alice Shulman, stated in a release that the design was inspired by stalactites and stalagmites, which are mineral formations that take thousands of years to produce.

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