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-By Ankita Dutta

Digital fashion house, The Fabricant, has teamed up with photorealistic metaverse Cornerstone to create a platform for presenting virtual garments with exceptional visual quality. The endeavour aims to ramp up aesthetic standards in the digital fashion industry.

Cornerstone’s cutting-edge cloud-rendering technology allows access to a photorealistic experience through a web browser, with no need for an expensive gaming computer that can run high-end graphics.

The showcase event will take place within the Cornerstone metaverse, initially featuring digital couture pieces from The Fabricant’s Wholeland collection. The event called “Wholeland, Primal Rave” is scheduled for early September and will feature the Wholeland garments. The customized arena caters to the requirements of the digital fashion sector by offering an excellent presentation forum for virtual clothing, which matches the exceptional skill levels of The Fabricant.

Cornerstone’s innovative automated cloud publishing system, which is a CI/CD pipeline, allows development teams to convert Unreal Engine creations to browser-based experiences seamlessly and at speed. The companies are working towards transforming the platform into a valuable, ecosystem that enables both brands and creators to develop customizable galleries within an existing framework, thereby empowering holder to wear their items.

The collaboration between The Fabricant and Cornerstone enables access to a photorealistic experience of virtual garments with cutting-edge graphics. The initiative addresses the need for an elevated aesthetic standard in the digital fashion industry and promotes better quality standards. With the showcase event integrated into the Cornerstone metaverse, a wider audience can easily access and experience the new digital fashion pieces. The companies are committed to developing the platform into a value-generating ecosystem that benefits creators and brands in the long term.

The partnership looks promising and is set to revolutionize the digital fashion industry. The Fabricant and Cornerstone’s collaboration presents a solution to the digital fashion industry’s presentational challenges and offers a platform for developing future creative concepts. The project highlights the increasing importance of virtual fashion in the fashion industry, and the limitless potential to use technology to create compelling visual experiences.