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Pair a cotton shirt in beige floral print with your favourite pair of khakis. Finish off the look with
tan dress shoes. Keep things simple and clean by adding a denim jacket over your floral shirt.
This will make your outfit a bit less overwhelming but still trendy. Add in a pair of blue denim
jeans, your favourite sneakers and you’ll be good to go. Go big and make a statement with a
floral shirt and keep the other things subtle. Balance the shirt with solid colour items like a pair
of off-white linen pants and green canvas sneakers. It’s a great way of adding colour to your

Style your bloomy shirt as a shacket and layer it buttoned-down over a solid black tee. Add tan
or brown accents with trousers and footwear to complete the look. One of the most eye-catching
ways of wearing florals is in a single colour palette. Opt for an easy-peasy colour like black. This
time give your sneakers a break and go for some black slip ons. Power clashing just may well
be the one trend we’re all looking forward to this spring. So why not try it with your floral shirt
this time? Go for a colour combination that’s a classic like blue and beige. Make sure to choose
prints and patterns of a different scale to save yourself from looking like your grandma’s
patchwork blanket. A fresh print like this floral one looks great on men. While here are a few tips
that might spark some inspiration in your mind, but after all, it’s all about experimenting and just
having fun with fashion and style. Be confident and don’t be afraid to go big.

– Ananya Ghosh