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On Saturday, Heart of the City’s second annual Indigenous Fashion Show provided an opportunity for Indigenous fashion designers to display their distinctive creations.

Three designers’ creations were displayed during the event: Heather Bouchier, Acahkos Designs, and Kiera-Dawn Kolson.

Many of the designs include indigenous materials, and in my collection, I use horse hair, according to Bouchier. We must incorporate our culture into contemporary dress, says the speaker.

To highlight the distinctive art produced by the Indigenous population, the event was first held.

According to Heart of the City Festival Society president Corine Demas, “(Fashion) is not as recognised as an art as it should be.” “We’re really working to foster a sense of community here, and these designers play a crucial role in that community.

They are all incredibly active members of the community, and we merely wanted to provide them with a platform from which to excel.

Twelve Native American models displayed the clothing, which Bouchier claimed was gaining increasing attention.

We want to start supporting as many Indigenous artists as we can now that there has been reconciliation, Bouchier continued. “Indigenous culture and dress are growing in popularity. It’s fantastic to see how this renaissance has come about.”

The programme also organised a clothing drive, with a focus on winter gear.