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-By Ankita Dutta.

The fashion industry is ever-evolving, with trends and styles changing at a breakneck pace. Fashion is no longer just about clothing, but it is also about understanding the core values and personas of individuals and creating products that reflect them. Gucci, one of the leading fashion companies worldwide, has become a prominent influencer in fashion campaigns that highlight luxury and sophistication.

Despite the humorous fan art created from Gucci products, the company’s advertising campaigns have consistently been distinguished by a high level of luxury and uncompromising seriousness. Gucci partners with creatives to produce campaigns that showcase their premium products, which are notably distinct from their competitors.

Stellar Owl, a YouTube channel, created an ad campaign that sought to shift Gucci’s aesthetics dramatically from the overdone Balenciaga by using Game of Thrones characters. In the video, all of the primary Game of Thrones characters wear classic Gucci outfits that, remarkably, looked in SYNC with their roles. You simply have to witness it.

Video link- https://youtu.be/tbGZW-w4Uis

Gucci appears to be the perfect fashion label that could have designed costumes for Game of Thrones. Their designs were tailored so well to the characters’ personas that it appeared as though these were the characters’ original costumes.

Moreover, the blend would be seamless if Gucci-clad actors were to be transported to the White Lotus universe. Many fans even concede that the video appears to be much better received than Game of Thrones’ eighth season! The high quality of the advertisement and its impressive translation in the video make it difficult to dispute this.

All in all, it seems like the House of Gucci should now design a themed collection involving the House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones and call the actors for the runway. These fans and followers will undoubtedly get the fashion display they deserve.