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International companies Uplive and Hekka performed another viral runway show at Miami Swim Week as a part of Asia Innovations Group following their productive cooperation at New York Fashion Week. For a week of runway shows, VIP parties, and social mixers, large crowds congregated online and in Miami South Beach, the world’s foremost fashion destination.

Miami Swim Week this year produced more than 1.6 billion worldwide impressions via social media, live streaming, and even the Metaverse with over 200 businesses and designers in attendance. By streaming the event in real time to its 300 million users globally, Uplive, along with other digital platforms, made it possible for fashion enthusiasts from all over the world to interact with their favourite companies, models, and influencers. One of the announcers was a TikTok star.

Uplive X Hekka Runway Show at Miami Swim week

Hekka and Uplive’s original idea of a ready-to-wear runway returns in keeping with the company spirit. The combination of Hekka’s special “real-time fashion” platform and Uplive’s immersive live streaming experience, which was first introduced during New York Fashion Week, enables their community to not only see the new designs first but also to buy them in real time and share them with their followers.

According to Christine Xu, CEO of Uplive USA, “We’re happy to highlight the world’s top swimsuit fashion event, offering designers and fashion brands at Miami Swim Week with a big worldwide audience on a premier video platform.” “Through this event, Uplive, a platform for worldwide performance and discovery, will both inspire and highlight creativity.” “Uplive has promoted recognising diversity and inclusivity.