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Taneira and JJ Active Present an Enthralling Extravaganza in Bangalore with the Saree Run

Published: August 28, 2023

Taneira, the ethnic wear brand from the Tata Group, and JJ Active, the fitness company based in Bangalore, have joined forces to organize an incredible event that redefines the timeless splendor of the six yards. Sunday morning saw the BGS Grounds, Vijaynagar turn into a stunning spectacle of several hues with over 7500+ women adorning a diverse range of vibrant weaves, congregating in a massive show of strength to celebrate their femininity, freedom and fitness!

Taneira Saree Run, Bangalore, 2023

Flagging off and leading the march was one of the foremost voices in the world of technology, a technology humanist, and an inspiration for young women, Sindhu Gangadharan, SVP & MD, SAP Labs India; Head, SAP User Enablement; Board of Directors at Titan Company and Siemens India.

The Taneira Saree Run stands as a resolute ode to the exceptional versatility of the saree and the women who wear it.

Beyond a fashion statement, a saree mirrors the multi-dimensional identity, reflecting every facet of a womans life. It offers comfort while navigating the demands of modern day living all the while maintaining a link to time-honored traditions through its graceful folds. It encapsulates adaptability, strength, and an unyielding spirit-becoming a vital part of a womans daily narrative.

Building on the success of the Saree Run in Kolkata and Pune, which saw 4300 and 5600 women respectively, this event transforms the saree from a mere fabric into a superhero cape-a catalyst rather than a hindrance. Its a powerful affirmation that women from all walks of life can confidently don a saree, embracing their unique styles while shedding inhibitions and venturing forth boldly.

Speaking at the event, Mr. CK Venkataraman, Managing Director, Titan Company Limited, said, “The Taneira Saree Run embodies the enduring spirit of Titan, where innovation and tradition converge. Just as our timepieces have become a fundamental part of peoples lives, the Saree Run harmoniously weaves together the threads of empowerment, diversity, and the timeless beauty of the saree. It reflects our commitment to celebrate the essence of womanhood, resonating with our broader vision of shaping narratives that transcend boundaries. This incredible event not only inspires individuals across the spectrum but also emphasizes the significance of womens health, seamlessly integrating empowerment with well-being.”

Mr. Ambuj Narayan, CEO, Taneira, added, “Our collaboration with the Saree Run transcends mere participation; it signifies the amplification of the saree as a symbol of liberation. As the Saree Run transforms into a jubilant celebration of womanhood, fostering connections and embracing diversity, our partnership with JJ Active emphasizes our unwavering faith in the saree as a blank canvas-a canvas which infers limitless possibilities, upon which women can inscribe their narratives of resilience, individuality, and triumph.

Coach Pramod, JJ Active, said, “The Taneira Saree Run isnt just an event; its a celebration of the indomitable spirit of women. It represents the empowerment to flourish, the inclusion of diverse voices, a stride in the journey towards wellness, and the sheer delight derived from shattering conventional norms.

The Bangalore chapter of the Taneira Saree Run emerges as a magnanimous feat, a magnificent homage to the power of womanhood. It transcends the concept of mere running- embodying confidence, camaraderie, and a defiance of stereotypes. An open invitation to leave your reservations and responsibilities behind and immerse in a morning full of energy, exuberance, esprit de corps – one that celebrates the iconic six-yard wonder and women who wear them in all its glory.

About Taneira

Taneira, the womens ethnic wear brand from Titan, the TATA group company, offers differentiated design sarees, blouses, and ready-to-wear kurta sets made from pure and natural fabrics from over 100+ weaving clusters of India and brings the best of India under one roof. Instilled with TATA trust, Taneira aims to provide the rooted yet progressive Indian women with diverse craftsmanship and exclusive crafts and designs. The products cater to everyday fashion and all occasions a woman would want to adorn herself for – festivals, weddings, and special occasions.

In its endeavor to provide authentic weaves that are handcrafted with love, Taneira works with weaver communities all over India. It has also launched the Weavershala initiative to modernize the weaving techniques and, at the same time, preserve traditional procedures of hand weaving for future generations. In addition, the brand has introduced frame looms and all essential workspace facilities for the weavers in collaboration with localized weaver-led organizations. Currently, there are ten Weavershalas operations across the country.

Launched in 2017, Taneira offers a unique and relaxed browsing experience with knowledgeable staff to provide quality service through a strong network of 50 stores across 25 cities. The brand is present across all prominent metro hubs and is building to strengthen its presence across key Tier I and Tier II cities. Taneira is also available online with global delivery at

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