Take inspiration from celebrities on how to colour block your clothing like a pro.

Published: June 20, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Mokshika Chauhan

If you love colors but aren’t sure how to wear them together, you’ve come to the right place. Some people may think that color blocking is too much, but this is the style for you if you like playing around with different colors and mixing them up in your outfit’s color scheme.

The fundamental idea behind color blocking is to create a contrast outfit by combining two solid colors from opposite ends of the color wheel. You can express yourself through the colors you wear while also attracting attention wherever you go with this daring approach to fashion.

You don’t have to buy new clothes if you want to use color blocking; You can make use of what you already have. Take a look at the celebrities below to see how easy it is to color block. As Kareena has demonstrated here, when using color blocking, it is essential to keep in mind that you should not go overboard with your makeup.

Balance the colors: Distribute the colors evenly throughout your ensemble. For example, pair a bright top with a colorful skirt or pants, and balance it out with neutral accessories or bottoms.

Pay attention to proportions: Color blocking works best when the colors are proportionate. Experiment with different color placements to find what suits your body shape and personal style. You can divide your outfit into blocks of colors using garments like tops, bottoms, and outerwear.

She paired a neon green skirt with a neon blue one-shouldered top, which are complementary colors because they are on the same color wheel and are separated by only one color. If you’re hesitant to go all out, you can start with smaller amounts of color blocking. Try adding a handbag or shoes with a bold color if you want to add color to a neutral outfit.

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