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Takara Standard Eyes Indian Retail Market Entry with Innovative Enameled Kitchens

Published: January 10, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Takara Standard is considering a strategic move into the Indian retail market, aligning with its goal to increase overseas sales to 10 billion JPY by FY 2030, a significant jump from around 1 billion JPY in FY 2022. The company is particularly interested in meeting the changing needs of Indian consumers, focusing on its exclusive enameled “HORO” built-in kitchens designed for comfort.

These kitchen systems feature high-quality enamel, providing an easy-to-clean glassy surface, which is crucial for Indian consumers with cooking practices involving significant amounts of oil. Additionally, the steel base addresses concerns related to termite damage and corrosion, offering a durable solution tailored to local requirements.

To introduce its enameled built-in kitchens to the Indian market, Takara Standard plans to debut at ACETECH New Delhi, showcasing two flagship models. This exhibition serves as a platform for the company to gauge the local market’s response to its unique products, as it currently does not have product distribution in India.

In addition to the innovative features, Takara Standard emphasizes its commitment to environmentally friendly practices, using easily recyclable materials and avoiding adhesives in assembly processes. This aligns with India’s focus on sustainable development initiatives.

Founded in Japan in 1912, Takara Standard started as an enamel cast ironware manufacturer and later pioneered the world’s first enamel system kitchen in 1967. It has since become a leading residential equipment manufacturer, dominating kitchen sales in Japan. With full-scale international expansion since 2015, the company has experienced steady sales growth in East Asia, with a presence in countries like China, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

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