Fashion Week Update

Taipei Fashion Week street style trends include bubble soles & an explosion of prints.

Published: May 3, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Taipei Fashion Week took place in the nation’s capital from April 25 to 28, drawing attention from both the fashion industry and a select group of tourists. Nine brands showcased their most recent collections to an enthusiastic audience. Although individual performances were the main focus of attention, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, the venue of the event, also acted as an unofficial stage for trendsetters. 

Fans and photographers stood in anticipation of the entrance of the elite of fashion, ranging from local celebrities to high-ranking members of the press, all of whom went all out in their outrageous and imaginative outfit selections. Seven key themes that were visible on the streets during this season of Taipei Fashion Week were examined by FashionUnited.

Statement bags

According to many Taipei Fashion Week guests, a statement bag is the perfect way to bring an outfit together. Many of them used the handy handheld accessory to draw attention. However, there were several ways to handle this tendency. One participant chose to wear an enormous Hello Kitty shoulder bag with the character’s iconic bow and a fluffy leopard print material, while another chose to wear a car’s steering wheel as their purse.

Deconstructed suiting

Throughout the week, the women’s suit had updated improvements, mostly in the form of deconstructed paneling that gave the silhouette a new shape. In addition to the pockets and high-waisted sashes, the attendees incorporated straps and ties that encircled their bodies to create the contour of the blazer. In other places, fitted pants embraced extensive pleating, where the darts formed distinct creases running the length of the leg.

Pandemonium prints

Attendees outside the venue preferred more chaotic prints, in line with the trend toward striking prints on Taipei’s runway. There was a wide range of possibilities on exhibit in terms of both silhouette and design, seen on everything from short dresses to tailored jackets. One person wore a two-piece suit with patchwork prints that seemed like they may have come from a comic book, and another person wore a garment with various prints that looked like marble patterns with lightning strikes in them.

Tiered tulle

This season, a lot of people wore skirts with several layers, which attracted guests with a variety of aesthetics and demonstrated the versatility of this seemingly adaptive trend. Some went the more straightforward option, dressing in pastel pastels and ballet shoes to embody the ‘fairy core’ motif, while others contrasted the ensemble with formal-casual standards. This was demonstrated by one look in which the skirt was worn layered over fitted pants and paired with an oversized denim shirt accessorized with a hat and tie.

Bubble sole sneakers

This season, chunky sneakers with bubble-like soles—many of which came with extremely high platforms—were a popular shoe type. For those who dared to wear it, this appearance created an otherworldly persona; these people usually chose modern silhouettes and cuts for their apparel to go with the sneakers.

Disgruntled denim

The majority of the time throughout this fashion week, denim appeared unkempt; it appeared in reconstructed or raw forms that gave the staple material new meanings. In one of the more severe instances, a denim skirt was constructed from a denim jacket that appeared to have been dissected, with pockets, zips, and snap closures arranged erratically around the presumably adjustable structure.

Figure-hugging camis

Some approached street fashion in a more understated manner, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t as influential. Many of the women in attendance wore cami dresses, which were popular pieces. They all committed to sleek, figure-hugging designs that exuded effortless style. A matching choker necklace, fitted leather jacket, or strappy heels were the go-to accessories for attendees to accentuate the gowns’ designs, which ranged from graphic florals to pastel tie-dye.

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