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-By Ankita Dutta.

Sustainability is a key concern for both fashion businesses and consumers, and this includes finding environmentally-friendly packaging solutions. However, focusing on sustainability in every detail can be difficult. Eco-friendly packaging requires attention to materials, adhesives, ink for label printing, and delivery methods, among others.

To help address this challenge, the Fashion Index platform has updated its features to make it easier for sustainable fashion brands to source more eco-friendly packaging options. Users can search the platform’s database for packaging suppliers that prioritize sustainable practices, including materials, production methods, and delivery. The supplier profiles provide comprehensive information, including their location, production volume, areas of expertise, and previous and current partnerships.

The platform also allows users to filter their search results by sustainability and free trade practices, as well as by location, making it easier for brands to source packaging from local suppliers. This reduces transport distances and minimizes carbon footprint.

The hope is that more sustainability-focused fashion brands will use this platform to find and connect with eco-friendly packaging suppliers to further intensify their commitment to sustainability. Both new and established brands can create accounts on the platform at no cost.

By sourcing sustainable packaging through the Fashion Index platform, fashion brands can continue to make strides towards a more environmentally-friendly industry. It can be challenging to ensure sustainability in every aspect of the supply chain, but tools like Fashion Index make it more manageable. The platform provides a comprehensive database of eco-friendly packaging suppliers, helping fashion brands prioritize sustainability in their business models.

In conclusion, sustainability is a crucial aspect of the fashion industry, and businesses must focus on sustainable practices in every detail, including packaging. The Fashion Index platform makes it easier for brands to source eco-friendly packaging and offers a comprehensive database of suppliers that prioritize sustainable practices. The platform’s updated features, including search filters and detailed supplier profiles, provide key information to help brands make informed decisions. With these tools, fashion brands can continue to prioritize sustainability and make meaningful changes towards a more
environmentally-friendly industry.