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“Sunny Leone Joins Hands with Looks Salon to Redefine Beauty with StarStruck Line”

Published: October 27, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Sunny Leone, a versatile entrepreneur, a captivating actress, and a renowned model, is embarking
on an innovative venture set to redefine the beauty landscape. In a thrilling development, Sunny
Leone has forged a strategic partnership with Looks Salon, India’s fastest-growing salon chain, to
enhance her globally acclaimed cosmetic line, StarStruck by Sunny Leone. This collaboration aims to
offer a distinctive and unparalleled beauty experience to beauty enthusiasts, aficionados, and
clients, just in time for the festive season.

The beauty industry has always been a realm of transformation and innovation, where the concept
of beauty consistently evolves. Here, trends emerge like whispered secrets, and the delicate balance
between self-expression and self-care intertwines like timeless lovers. Sunny Leone, a name
synonymous with beauty, charm, and allure, emerges as a guiding star in this ever-evolving
narrative, captivating hearts worldwide.

The union between Looks Salon and StarStruck by Sunny Leone weaves an enchanting tale in which
beauty becomes the language of love. Soon, clients will have the opportunity to immerse themselves
in the exquisite StarStruck range within the comforting ambiance of Looks Salon. The objective is to
allow clients to intimately explore these beauty treasures, not only to showcase their unrivaled
quality but also to help them discover how these exquisite creations can cater to their unique
desires. The luxurious Looks Salon, with its presence in 204 salons across 51 cities, will gradually
introduce the StarStruck collection in all its stores over the coming months.

Samay Dutta, Managing Director, expressed, “Through our nationwide partnership, Looks Salon,
India’s premier luxury salon chain, is excited to expand its exceptional services to a broader
audience. With the largest female clientele in the country, this collaboration ensures an enhanced
experience for our patrons. Embrace the elegance of our in-salon makeup services and embark on
the ultimate beauty journey with our exquisite StarStruck Menu. We are eager to bring the best of
Looks Salon to every corner of India, making luxury and beauty accessible to all.”

Samir Srivastav, CEO of Looks Salon, commented, “We believe that offering an unexpected menu of
additional services or beauty enhancements after the primary service can genuinely create a
memorable experience for the customer. It adds an element of surprise and personalization, making
the client feel special and cherished. The ‘Looks X StarStruck’ menu will include unique or trending
makeup treatments, exclusive products, and personalized styling tips, enhancing the overall wow
factor for the customer.”

Sunny Leone’s StarStruck cosmetic line epitomizes her commitment to the beauty world. With
complete control over development, formulas, and packaging, she has established a brand
synonymous with affordable luxury. Offering a diverse range of over 150 products, it caters to
various looks, from “Brunch Ready” to “Bridal Must-Haves,” ensuring that beauty is within
everyone’s reach.

The beauty industry’s landscape is undergoing transformation, and the partnership between Looks
Salon and StarStruck by Sunny Leone is poised to lead this change. It’s more than just a
collaboration; it’s a declaration that beauty transcends boundaries, and everyone deserves to look
and feel like a star.

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