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As summer makes itself known, there has never been a better moment to investigate the sunglasses trends 2022. It’s important to consider both your face shape and complexion to help you select the most flattering sunglasses trends in 2022. Natasha Luthra, David Clulow Resident Optometrist advises: “It’s usually best to balance out your features. Take for example someone with strong cheekbones and a chiseled jawline – a frame with softer, rounder edges will complement these features beautifully. In contrast, those with a round or oval-shaped face or less definition would benefit from a more square or rectangular style – the sharper edges will help create the illusion of a more angular appearance.”The runways, of course, have some responsibility in the revival of these throwback trends, as well as bringing in some more jolly iterations.Sporty goggles aren’t the only take on the trend. We’ve also seen stars embracing bold-hued frames and retro shapes.

Trends 2022:

  1. Sporty Sunglasses: Sporty sunglasses is a rather wide-reaching trend. From oversized, ski-like goggles, to sleek, go faster, wrap- around iterations, designers really embraced a streamlined style, largely associated with high-performance sports sunglasses.

2) Cat’s Eye Frames: A classic frame shape, cat eye silhouettes are flattering for nearly all faces. A major trend for eyeglasses this year, we’re also seeing an uptick, in retro-inspired, cat eye sunglasses.

3) Angular Frames: Angular glasses are a popular choice amongst the style set, with the Grand Dame of Fashion, Anna Wintour, rarely seen without hers – even on the front row.

4) The Classics: When it comes to sunglasses trends, there are some frames that never go out of style and that will suit virtually every face shape. The classics are often considered the best sunglasses to invest in for this very reason. Available in three different widths, every face size is catered for, and the style also comes in a variety of colors.

5) Statement Frames: Statement sunglasses are a great way to add interest to the simplest of outfits – slipped on with your favourite jeans and best cashmere sweater.

6) Oversized 70s: The 1970s are the decade that never goes out of style and that certainly applies to sunglasses trends – the oversized frames of this decade are a style perennial to this day.