Spring Summer 2024 fashion collection: A fusion of sophistication and innovation

Published: March 21, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Bangalore: The fashion industry is constantly evolving with the introduction of new designs, motifs, and a plethora of colour combinations. In recent times, there has been a significant shift towards sustainability, with an increasing interest in eco-friendly fabrics, zero-waste, and the full utilisation of clothing materials, coupled with traceability. With the arrival of spring comes a sense of freshness and renewal, and fashion during this season has taken on experimental and unique styles. This was the concept behind Spring Summer 2024 fashion collection by ReshaMandi, the largest farm-to-fashion digital ecosystem for natural fibres in India, which was showcased at Texworld Evolution Paris, LeBourget, a biannual event that gathers a multitude of fashion industry exhibitors. The event serves as a comprehensive sourcing platform for B2B buyers worldwide, featuring a vast array of products ranging from basic essentials to the most innovative and superior quality designs.

Drawing inspiration from prisms, chintz, tropodelics, and ornamental blooms, the collection showcased a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, bold styles, and dynamic detailing, presenting a contemporary interpretation of the classic style. To align with the spring theme, a white collection accentuated with multi-colored flowers and 3-dimensional floral embellishments is also included. Additionally, a black and white collection was crafted using fluid semi-transparent fabrics adorned with laser cuts and appliqués. In order to achieve a seamless fusion of experimental and refined aesthetics, it also featured intricately adorned dresses and gowns with 3D embellishments, alongside trousers, crop tops, and shirts crafted with contemporary simplicity. The collection adhered to ReshaMandi’s vision and mission of promoting natural fabrics by exclusively utilising them in its creation. A significant portion of the collection comprises Reshamandi’s in-house developed fabrics, which consist of silk, viscose, tencel, bamberg, and hemp blends.

According to Prasansha SahaVP DesignReshaMandi, “Considerable thoughts and efforts were invested in the meticulous design and development of the collection, involving a comprehensive analysis and refinement of the dominant Spring Summer 24 trends. The collection resonated with the audience, who appreciated its ability to capture the vibrancy, subtlety, and boldness of life through a striking use of colours. The positive reception was reflected in the expressed interest of many buyers in sourcing fabrics from us, particularly those developed by our R&D team.”

In addition to the increase in the interest of buyers, ReshaMandi also received appreciation for its efforts at traceability and sustainability, along with the workmanship and embroidery in the collection. Beginning with a focus on silk production, the company has since diversified to include other natural fibres such as cotton, jute, and banana. Presently, it oversees the entire natural fibre ecosystem and caters to an extensive clientele, including farmers, reelers, weavers, retailers, mills, manufacturers, exporters, corporates, designers, and end-users.

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